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Only every other company has the correct digital competence

Sweden as a country is digitally mature, has great infrastructure and access to a good supply of competence in digitalisation. However, small and medium sized businesses demonstrate a worryingly low level of digitalisation when exporting. This is revealed in a new study from Business Sweden.

Today Business Sweden releases the report “Internationalisation through digitalisation”. The report builds on prerequisites and success factors for digitalisation in Swedish companies’ international sales and is based on in-depth interviews and a survey.

-       Swedish companies’ international expansion is in need of a through-through strategy for digital channels, says Mimmi Goude at Business Sweden, the author of the report.

Today it is obvious for most companies to market goods and services using a website. Many companies even complement their sales with e-commerce. As soon as you consider an international expansion, new conditions in terms of the local market, regulations and preferences becomes increasingly important. Sometimes the entire business model needs to be revised in order to accommodate these digital preconditions.  

The report shows that Swedish businesses have reached a relatively low level of digital matureness, only every other small and medium sized company possess the correct digital competence. The reason is said to be lack of employees with relevant competence and troubles with financing a digital strategy.

-       Making sure that the company has the right digital competence is a matter for the management team. It must stand clear that this is an investment which sooner rather than later needs to be put into place in order to secure long-term international success, says Fredrik Fexe, Head of Strategy at Business Sweden.

Business Sweden, with the main purpose of helping all Swedish companies to reach their full international potential, is planning to host a series of basic education seminars in digital strategy for small and medium sized companies during the fall.



16 September 2015