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Report: ”Why manufacturing in Sweden”

The report “Why manufacturing in Sweden” emphasize the foundation for industrial companies decision-making in regards to localisation of manufacturing, different localisation patterns and Swedish conditions and level of competitiveness for manufactures.

Our purpose with the report is to provide information that will be useful when promoting the manufacturing industry’s development in Sweden. The objective is to add value to an open discussion on how to improve conditions for the industry and by doing so strengthen   Sweden’s ability to attract and reinforce existing manufacturing.

The general idea is that the manufacturing industry is less important today than before. On the contrary the manufacturing industry’s production is at historically high levels, continuing to be a vital part of Swedish economic development and welfare.

The manufacturing industry directly employs 600,000 people. It is an international industry in terms of ownership, sales and global presence. Companies are conducting important expansions and investments in order to strengthen existing operations within Sweden.

Sweden has a great potential to stay competitive in terms of localisation and expansions of production. The companies’ strategies in relation to localisation are changing in a way that favours Sweden. Demands to adapt to client’s needs and competence and ability to be flexible and efficient in manufacturing processes is now of more significance than lowering the salaries in companies decision-making.  

Companies that have been surveyed all single out a few highly prioritized areas of improvement to amplify Swedish conditions to attract and strengthen existing operations.

The report is compiled using:

  • In-depth interviews with 20 international companies that in recent years made significant investments in Sweden.
  • In-depth interviews with representatives from private sector organisations.
  • A survey featuring 600 manufacturing companies in Sweden with the purpose to map out localisation inflows and outflows during 2012-2014.
17 June 2015