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The world’s greenest data center is built in Sweden

In the town of Falun, Sweden, the world’s most energy efficient data center is now being built. The electricity powering the data center comes solely from solar-, wind- and water power and secondary biofuels. EcoDataCenter will be the world’s first climate positive data center, using all excess heat to warm the buildings in Falun.

Data centers consume large amounts of energy; a single center can easily use more electricity than a mid-sized town. A large part of this energy is never used, but simply released into the atmosphere as heat, contributing to both global and local warming.

– The symbioses between the data center and the district heating system will ensure that the emissions are decreased to the extent that EcoDataCenter will have a negative carbon dioxide footprint over the course of a year. We are connecting the data center to an already sustainable energy system and can make use of all the energy. Thereby we are building the very first climate positive data center in the world, says Bengt Gustafsson, CEO of the municipal energy company Falu Energi & Vatten, in a press release.

Business Sweden, the Swedish trade and invest council, work closely together with regional partners to establish Data centers in Sweden.

Tomas Sokolnicki is Senior Investment Advisor ICT & The Swedish Data Center Initiative at Business Sweden. He finds the EcoDC project is a very interesting initiative:

- The data center industry is growing rapidly worldwide, and it is important that Sweden is a pioneer on the efficient use of energy, renewable energy and smart innovations connected to the system. EcoDCs data center is a step in the right direction and could serve as inspiration for the entire industry, says Tomas Sokolnicki.

Initiators of EcoDataCenter is the municipal energy company in Falun in collaboration with the entrepreneurial company EcoDC AB. Schneider Electric delivers energy efficient solutions and products to the project.

The first building of three will be completed in the first quarter of 2016.

23 February 2015