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Assa Abloy East Africa Ltd.

ASSA ABLOY is the global leader in door opening solutions, dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, safety and convenience. From its foundation in 1994, the product offering has grown from mechanical locks to intelligent door opening solutions, covering solutions with everything from locks to security doors, entrance and access control systems.

ASSA ABLOY supplies the right solutions to suit your particular application and budget. Our products are made to comply with various international standards with exacting tests being employed in their manufacture; earning worldwide reputation for quality, reliability and performance.

At the end of the day, we know it’s not so much about not getting in, it’s about getting out safely.

ASSA ABLOY East Africa’s current CSR program, the Fundi concept, centres around equipping its channel partners with health and wellness information which empowers them in making the right decisions. Positive outcomes of the program have been increased awareness, understanding and involvement for these men in the health of their families and their communities at large.

Basecamp Explorer Kenya

Basecamp was founded in 1998 with a mission to enable travellers to explore and enjoy some of the earth’s most breathtaking places and cultures without harming them. Since then we have expanded to ten eco-lodges on three continents, and have developed a strong non-profit foundation to enhance our community development and environmental protection ideals.

Basecamp is one concept with two legs. The commercial travel company Basecamp Explorer and the non-profit Basecamp Foundation.

Basecamp practices global citizenship. We work in close partnership with local communities and supporters worldwide, to address global challenges such as loss of biodiversity, poverty and erosion of cultural identity.

Ericsson Kenya Ltd.

Ericsson’s vision is to be the prime driver in an all-communicating world. The vision of an all-communicating world is rapidly becoming a reality with approximately six billion subscriptions today for mobile telecommunications, of which close to one billion are for mobile broadband.

In the Networked Society, Ericsson is the leading advocate of Technology for Good. Our sustainability and corporate responsibility priorities remain constant – communication for all, energy and climate change, and being the trusted partner to our stakeholders. By using broadband to address poverty, Human Rights, climate change and other challenges, we want to ensure our technology is a force for lasting, positive change. We do this through a wide range of projects, research, advocacy and initiatives, public- private partnerships, social media outreach and other forms of engagement.

HemoCue Kenya Ltd.

The HemoCue systems consist of portable analyzers together with specially designed microcuvettes.

The systems provide lab-quality results at the Point-of-Care. The systems are factory calibrated and needs no further calibration. The correct volume of sample is drawn into the microcuvette by capillary action, where it is spontaneously mixed with the reagents in the cuvette cavity. No mixing of the reagents, dispensing or pipetting is required.

We offer placements of the various Analyzers to government and Faith based medical facilities at our cost. We have partnered with the National Kidney Foundation of Kenya and also offer placements of the Analyzers at our cost to enable Kenyans annually participate in early kidney disease and other risk factors.

The various analyzers test for Anaemia, Diabetes, early kidney disesase onset and White Blood Cell count among others.

Saab Group

Saab, a signatory to UN Global Compact, sees CSR as a natural part of every-day activities, especially in our international operations. We often see CSR initiatives in the form of financial support to social projects, for instance to educational institutions and agro business, in countries where Saab operates such as Kenya and South Africa. But it can also be about focused efforts where there is urgent need for assistance in the aftermath of natural or man-made disasters. Such recent examples can be found in Saab’s “Project Relief”, where we have a rapid deployable contingent of Saab experts who can embark on humanitarian disaster missions around the globe to assist within the areas of water purification, shelter accommodation, power production etc.

More than 20% of Saab’s annual sales relates to research and development, where efforts in technological advances, for instance, create sustainable solutions to reduce environmental impacts. One examples of many is “Clean Sky”, one of EU’s largest research projects ever, where Saab is represented on the governing board. Saab also collaborates with some 50 Swedish and foreign academic institutions contributing to a number of research programs and centers of excellence. In 2011, this included eight EU projects, four ETAP projects and 24 NFFP projects.

Kenya Grange Vehicle Industries Ltd. (Scania)

KENYA GRANGE VEHICLE INDUSTRIES LTD is the regional franchise holder for Scania.

KGVI is cognisant of the community it operates in and supports various social interventions. Through Swedish Workplace HIV/AIDS Programme, awareness and voluntary HIV testing is carried out among our staff and neighbouring community.

To end road carnage, KGVI has a mandatory driver training program for all drivers upon purchase of Scania vehicles. This campaign enhances driving skills and overall profitability.

KGVI supports high school education for poor students by offering scholarships.  We also encourage visits to our premises as well as offering internship to college students.

We take responsibility in minimizing environmental impact of our activities by pursuing a zero tolerance policy on pollution. Waste is sorted out before disposal: our environmental management policy being anchored on the Scania one. Waste fuels and lubricants are disposed off in an environmentally sustainable manner.

SKF Kenya Ltd.

SKF Kenya is a limited company which was incorporated in Kenya in1974. Thus SKF has been in Kenya for thirty eight years.

Delivering value to our customers in the most efficient ways possible, through fully utilising the knowledge of our people, our partners and our technology is all about SKF business excellence.  We are committed to conducting business responsibly towards the environment, society and each other.  We recognize the equal rights of all individuals. We constantly strive to maintain a working climate where employees can live up to the highest standards of personal and professional integrity in all dealings with colleagues, customers, distributors and suppliers.  SKF Kenya is committed to environmentally and socially responsible growth.

We currently have two “Community Care” projects one of which is caring for the HIV/AIDS affected and infected members of our community in Mukuru slum. We also support youth football by sponsoring the biggest youth tournament in the world, Gothia Cup tournament.

Tetra Pak Eastern Africa

Tetra Laval is a privately held multinational corporation, which provides full service to the dairy industry as well as packaging, processing and distribution solutions for a range of foodstuffs, including liquids, fruit and vegetables, ice-cream and processed food, additionally offering systems for agricultural production and herd management.

The Food for Development Office focuses on the value chain – and in the case of milk, from Cow to Consumer. Tetra Pak and its sister company De Laval together cover the whole value chain for milk and we therefore have a possibility within the Tetra Laval Group, to support integrated projects covering the whole dairy value chain.

The Food for Development Office makes available best practices and project models. Education and training is offered to colleagues and external partners. It is also actively involved in dairy development, social feeding, including formulation of new products, such as those fortified with nutrients to address specific nutritional needs.

Auto Sueco Kenya Ltd. (Volvo Group)

AutoSueco is the authorised agent of Volvo Group, providing safe and modern buses, trucks, engines and construction equipment to the Kenyan market. By continuing with the current investment in utility infrastructure such as roads, energy and a whole mechanism that is guarded against corruption, AutoSueco can offer employment to young Kenyans, ensure technology transfer and contribute towards the transport and construction sectors with products that return value.

Save the Children Sweden 

Save the Children Sweden has been working in East and Central Africa since 1965. We partner with civil society organisations to keep governments accountable to protect, respect and fulfil child rights as enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Through advocacy, capacity building, research and direct support, Save the Children Sweden focuses on child protection and child rights governance. Save the Children Sweden holds a strong focus on strengthening public-private partnerships and collaborates closely with several well-known enterprises, such as the Swedish brand IKEA. In Eastern and Central Africa the organization has a strong interest in building partnerships with corporations working in the region, especially through the framework of the newly formed Children’s Rights and Business Principles, to ensure that businesses are aware of the effect their work have on children and how they can impact children’s lives in a sustainable and positive way. As an active member of the Swedish Sustainable Business Platform, Save the Children Sweden, informs member corporations on ongoing activities in the region related to children’s rights and protection, and acts as an advisory member providing information on children’s realities in the region and globally.