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Sustainability in our operations

Business Sweden makes Sweden more attractive as a business partner by contributing to sustainable business development and growth in Sweden and abroad.

We are commissioned by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs to pursue a sustainable approach by spreading awareness of business ethics and responsible business. We also have a mandate from our owners to specifically focus on important upcoming sectors such as energy efficiency and clean tech which have a clear link to sustainability. We strive to include sustainability in customer relations and organise regular seminars focusing on sustainability.

Partnership within the policy for global development

Increased trade also contributes to the development of other countries. Through our worldwide presence and activities in emerging markets, we can contribute to the development and growth of these markets. We do this in collaboration with Sida. The heart of the cooperation is to create conditions for more Swedish companies to contribute to the objectives of the Swedish development cooperation, in line with the Swedish Policy for Global Development (PGU).

In recent years, cooperation has taken place in Iraq, South Africa and Botswana. Business Sweden served as facilitator for the cooperation of local companies, authorities and organisations in Botswana and Sweden within the framework of the so-called Actor interaction, where parties from both countries have converging interests of interaction. The goal has been to contribute to the economic development through more trade and cooperation between the countries.

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