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Country-specific information

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When analysing risks and opportunities, it is important to weigh in aspects that specifically relate to the country in question. Your basic responsibility is to comply with the legislation of that country, however, many companies are currently operating in countries with considerable political, social and environmental challenges. In many locations, there are no laws or systems that protect the environment and human rights, at which point it is important that the company not only adheres to the prevailing business culture, but takes responsibility for and follows international guidelines so that business can be conducted to a high sustainability standard.

For information about the challenges potentially facing your business in any given country, there is a wide range of reports and statistics available to you. Business Sweden is highly competent and actively works with sustainability issues in several high-risk countries and we can provide information about risks and opportunities in several of the countries where we have offices. Please contact the Business Sweden International Markets Office for assistance.

Sweden’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs has prepared an online training course on sustainable business practices, which all embassies, Sida’s personnel in the field as well as all Business Sweden staff stationed abroad are expected to complete by 31 January 2018. The aim is to increase knowledge and understanding of sustainable business among all emissaries, so that together, they will be better able to support your company in its sustainability performance abroad.

Below, we provide suggestions for sustainability reports and statistics that cover several of the world’s countries. More information can be found under the respective areas on the left.

Human Rights

Working conditions

The Environment


Preventive measures

To avoid risking human rights violations, your company should take the following actions:

  • Include country-specific human rights issues in your analysis of opportunities and risks

  • Make use of national and international guidance tools and reports
  • Collaborate and discuss with organisations and NGOs in the countries where the company is due to operate. This is particularly important in high-risk countries
  • Contact Business Sweden if you have any general questions concerning sustainability or if you want to know more about the risks and opportunities in a particular market