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Propel your growth

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Have you already established your business in one or more markets and are now ready to take the next step towards a regional or global strategy for revenue growth? New demands must be met if the rate of growth is to be maintained. We provide you with support thanks to our global expertise and experience of working together with companies, both large and small, in order to successfully grow global sales.

Do you need to improve your performance in an existing market by finding new customer segments or by expanding in a new geographical area of the market? Or do you need better leverage for your presence in a region by means of a revised offering, alternative pricing or the exploitation of additional marketing and sales channels?

Thanks to our global presence, our knowledge of regional and local business models, and regular analyses of customers from a regional and global revenue perspective, we possess unique market insights which enable us to know where and how you and your business can continue to grow. 

From strategic approaches to joint ventures and acquisitions, to practical insights on how to effectively lead, develop and evaluate one’s distribution network and make it successful. We have the knowledge and the experience to grow your revenue and to increase your global or regional growth where you have already had a presence for some time.

We can help you and your business to:

  • Achieve better returns on investment in existing sales channels, or identify new channels with greater potential.

  • Achieve revenue growth by means of a broader offering in existing segments, or find greater sales values in new segments.

  • Identify the really big business deals and investments in the market and help you to win them. We monitor the major procurements both centrally and locally, and we have the necessary contacts to be able to reach strategic decision-makers.
  • Find the best way to get the leverage for your sales through the involvement of networks, authorities, international organisations and banks, which we can provide because we are, in part, a government agent. We will guide you in the right direction concerning strategic matters and provide you with solid support.

  • Produce a strategic growth plan that is linked to your overall objectives. We identify the strategic initiatives required, conduct in-depth studies of the opportunities and risks, establish detailed plans, and estimate the investment requirements.

We propel your growth by actively making recommendations that will enable you to identify tomorrow’s geographical areas, customer segments and industries.

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