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In order to become a supplier to the United Nations, suppliers are required to register in the UN database UNGM, which is the UN’s central procurement portal. In UNGM, it is possible to access information about upcoming tenders and to participate in various bidding processes.

UNGM – United Nations Global Market Place – is the UN’s central procurement portal for all the UN agencies. By creating a profile in the database, it is possible to get access information about upcoming procurements and to bid on tenders.

The registration is carried out in three stages and is free of charge

Basic registration requirements:

1. General information – company name, registration number, address, phone number, contact person etc.

2. Information of what countries the company is currently active in

3. Classification of products/services according to a specific coding system

Level 1 requirements:

4. Criteria 1-3 as above

5. Certification of the company or comparable documentation verifying legal status / capacity

6. Contact information and e-mail to at least three independent and not connected references that you have conducted business with

7. Name of owners, principals (incl. parent company, subsidiaries / branches, CEO and employees with controller focus). Name of brokers, agents and / or consultants that are involved in relation to contacts with, or requests from, the UN

Level 2 Requirements:

8. Criteria 1-7 as above

9. Letters of reference from three independent, non-affiliated clients / companies you have conducted business with. Reference letters must be in English and from companies that you have sold products and / or services to during the past 12 months, preferably with a description of the completed project / job. Date project started and finished and the project value. Letters of reference should be prepared / signed on the references’ stationery and reference should refer to the entity seeking registration

10. Financial documents (audited / certified financial statements or equivalent) for the last three years

We recommend you to follow through the registration on all three levels in order to be as interesting supplier as possible for the UN.

Registration is conducted on UNGM’s webpage.

Find more detailed information about the registration process here.

Recommendations for the registration process 

Before the registration is conducted, we recommend you to prepare the information above and have it available to be uploaded. It is possible to cancel the registration and complete it later on.

Additionallt, it is beneficial for you to identify under which UNSPSC code to register your company and what/which UN agencies that are of interest for you.

Tender Alert Service

By registering your company to Tender Alert Service in the supplier database, you will receive information regarding potential procurements within the areas that corresponds to your products/services. Furthermore, it is possible to read about the current procurements on the UNGM webpage under tender notices.

Other supplier databases and supplier requirements

Organizations such as WFP and UNOPS have their own supplier databases in addition to the UNGM. Furthermore, there may be regulations regarding how products should be delivered, in which language tender submissions should be sent and from which country the delivery should take place.

For more information about requirements concerning respective agency, please see fact-packs under Reports and facts.

Should you have any questions or if you need help with the registration in the UNGM, you are welcome to contact Business Sweden.