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The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), with its headquarters in Washington D.C., was founded in 1959 and is today owned by its 48 member countries, including Sweden. The IDB supports initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean, which reduces poverty and inequality. The goal is to work with sustainable and environmentally friendly development.

The IDB’s business has five focus areas: infrastructure (transport, water/sanitation), social services (health, education, housing), climate change (renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainability), institutions (credit- and capital market reforms, public finances and taxes) and lastly integration (trade, international investments).

The IDB works continuously with many projects simultaneously, and Business Sweden recognizes many possibilities for Swedish companies to win procurements financed by the IDB. The IDB is open to work with both small and large companies, and has explicitly expressed that the size of the company does not matter. Participation in IDB funded projects is, except for contributing to a better world, a possibility to create trust for its products in addition to link the right contacts in the region.

Business Sweden has valuable contacts with the IDB and works continuously by updating upcoming, and existing, projects which could be of interest for Swedish companies. Do not perceive the possible language barrier as an issue or obstacle, instead turn to Business Sweden for support.

If you would like to learn more about the IDB and what possibilities there are for your company within IDB financed projects, please contact our office in Mexico City.

Read more about the IDB at: www.iadb.org