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Asian Development Bank (ADB)

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has since the start in 1966 contributed to building up the Asia-Pacific region through 247 billion dollar in loans, grants, technical assistance and investments to build infrastructure and promote social and economic development. ADB and its borrowing countries are in great need of solutions especially within transport, ICT, energy, urban development, finance and education. As a member of the bank, there are great opportunities for Swedish companies to sell equipment and services for these projects. Two important success factors are to engage locally in the countries of interest, as well as to participate and influence projects early, already in the planning stage.

ADB finances loans, grants and technical assistance for several billion dollars annually to procure goods and services. Goods and services account for 94% respectively 6% of everything that is procured. Most contracts are awarded through international procurement and are open to companies and individuals from all the bank’s member states. This creates great business opportunities within for instance energy, transport and urban development projects.

The need for sustainable and long-term solutions
The rapid development in Asia puts tough demands on sustainable and long-term solutions on the projects that ADB finances. As Sweden is a leading country in innovation and sustainability, Swedish companies have good opportunities to help ADB meet the major challenges that the bank faces. The technology company ABB is one example of a Swedish company that has been successful in winning contracts within the bank.

We recommend Swedish companies with a presence in Asia to assess if their products and services are demanded in ADB-funded projects, and to what extent. If so, try to understand ADB’s procurement guidelines and make sure to define an ADB strategy. Engagement at both a central and a local level is a good way to position your company. Having a subsidiary or a local partner in the country where a ADB project is carried out significantly increases your chance to win the deal.

From country strategy to project completion
ADB-funded projects start long before the actual procurement takes place. ADB lends directly to its member countries and their responsible authorities. Together with each borrowing country, ADB sets a Country Partner Strategy (CPS), which is used as a basis for evaluating and deciding which projects to implement in each country. There are opportunities to influence these projects already in the early planning stage by, for example, being active on a central level with ADB in Manila. The more mature a project gets, the more important it is to be active locally in the borrower country by influencing the implementing authorities.

Business Sweden and ADB
Business Sweden has a long history of good relations with ADB’s head office in Manila and we have good knowledge about how to achieve success through ADB-funded projects. If you want to know more about ADB and existing and upcoming opportunities for your company, please contact our office in Manila.

In 2018, the Asian Development Bank’s financial commitments totaled to USD 35,8 billion of which 24% were towards energy projects. The energy sector topped all other sector focus within the Bank signaling a huge number of opportunities for Swedish suppliers and companies in the energy segments to tap into. Be part of #TeamSweden at the coming Asia Clean Energy Forum on 17-21 June 2019. The Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF) is one of the biggest gathering of experts, private companies, governments, academe, and international organizations involved in the energy sector in Asia. 

Register here: http://www.asiacleanenergyforum.org/registration-2019/ 

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Mariem Skoog N'Diaye

Head of International Financing and Procurement Head of International Financing and Procurement
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Ulf Wennblom

Country Manager Philippines Country Manager , Philippines
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Emmy Brodin

Consultant Philippines Consultant, Philippines
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Associate Philippines Associate, Philippines
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