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Business Sweden in the United Arab Emirates

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) have experienced rapid modernization due to the wealth derived from oil revenues. Today, the country is Sweden's second largest trading partner in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) with more than 200 Swedish companies directly or indirectly represented in the country. Overall, there are several interesting business opportunities for Swedish Business in the country.

The UAE, and perhaps Dubai in particular, has received a lot of attention in the region for spectacular projects, for instance Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. Dubai was also appointed the host city of the world exhibition Expo 2020.

 The country has in a short time reached a high standard of living and is today one of the world 's richest countries in terms of GDP per capita. The UAE is the second largest economy in the region, behind Saudi Arabia, and consists of seven emirates. The emirates are to some extent self-governing, with Abu Dhabi and Dubai as the most prominent Emirates. The two emirates together contributes with over 80% to the national GDP. The UAE has the world's seventh largest oil reserves, of which about 94 percent is in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The economy is, in addition to oil revenues, also driven by trade which then is concentrated to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Swedish export to the country includes a wide range of products including automotive, telecommunication equipment, iron and steel as well as engineering products. In addition to the role as a trading partner, the UAE is also an important regional hub for Swedish companies. This is to large extent due to the beneficial establishment options being offered to international companies through more than 30 economic free zones.

Business Sweden has been operating in Dubai since 2006. The Dubai office is the regional hub office for the Middle East region and also covers Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Oman, Qatar, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, Bahrain and Kuwait. We carry out services such as market analyses, partner and distributor searches, establishment support and public affairs management. Reach out to us to find out more about how Business Sweden can assist with specific questions or to develop your business in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and in the Middle East overall. We work both with organizations with existent operations in the region and with companies aiming to start pursuing the opportunities the development in the Middle East offers


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Massoud Biouki

Trade Commissioner of Sweden to the UAE & Market Area Director Middle East Trade Commissioner of Sweden to the UAE & Market Area Director Middle East
+971 44298600

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