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Healthcare and Life Science

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The Portuguese healthcare is ranked among the leading ones within Europe due to high quality care and successful outcomes in ex. treatment of HIV and Hepatit C. With a population of approximately 11 million, Portugal’s healthcare sector consists of approximately 226 hospitals, of which 119 are public and 107 are private. The Portuguese Ministry of Health is constantly operating with the ambition of making sustainable approaches in long-term investments in order to face current and future challenges.

There are new strategies concerning investments in more efficient equipment and services, which includes identifying solutions nationally and internationally. As four key pillars for the strategic work of the Ministry of Health, we find: Integration (integrated care), Innovation in management practices and human behaviours, Affiliation and cooperation between public and private sector and to share best practices with other countries.

Other focus areas during the current government includes: Improve equity and access for all citizens to healthcare, Work towards a higher cost efficiency, Increase family doctors and Increase quality assurance in pharmaceutical area – decrease fraud within drugs and prescription

Portuguese healthcare still face various challenging areas such as lack of efficiency, limited prevention care, need for increased personalized health care, precarious primary care and slow technological selection & implementation.

Efficiency via innovation, integrated care and value-based healthcare in focus for Portuguese-Swedish collaboration in healthcare

Business Sweden initiated in 2013, the Portuguese-Swedish collaboration under the umbrella of Symbiocare-Health by Sweden. The concept Innovative models for efficient health and care set new standards to increase sharing of best practices and understanding between the two countries.

With the base of Efficiency and the Quality for the Patients, the Symbiocare platform in Portugal is constantly discussing areas and sharing experiences within E-health, Innovation, Integrated care, Value-based health care and health policies.

For more information Symbiocare –Health by Sweden, please read about the concept at www.symbiocare.org.

Please contact Nina Lindberg to find out how your company can be part of the Portuguese-Swedish Symbiocare platform, or to set a discussion upon your company’s business opportunities in Portugal.

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Nina Lindberg

Acting Country Manager Spain and Portugal Acting Country Manager Spain and Portugal
+34 91 444 26 00