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Business Sweden in Norway

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Norway is one of Sweden’s most important trade partners, much because of the strength of the Norwegian economy and its geographical proximity to Sweden. Norway was the recipient of 10,5 percent of Swedish goods exports in 2014.

Swedish exports to Norway reached 108,9 billion Swedish crowns in 2014 (jan-nov 2014). In addition to this there is also a significant border and service trade between the countries. Sweden is mainly exporting services, machinery, motor vehicles, chemical products, furniture and telecommunications products to Norway. Norwegian exports to Sweden are mainly comprised of oil, gas, electricity, minerals and metals. The oil and gas industry is Norway’s biggest and most important sector and represents 17 percent of GDP and 55 percent of total exports.

There are over 2500 Swedish subsidiaries active in Norway and many of Sweden’s larger corporations have long been established in the country. The geographical proximity in combination with the cultural and linguistic similarities increases the chances of a successful establishment in Norway. Norwegians in general also view Sweden as a natural trade partner.

Business Sweden has been active in Norway for more than 40 years. Throughout the years we have been able to develop a strong network of local business leaders and economic policy makers in order to promote Swedish competitiveness in the region.

In recent years we have seen a clear increase in demand for foreign goods and services on the Norwegian market, especially in the form of e-commerce where Norwegians are the most frequent online shoppers in the EU. For Swedish companies, we see particularly good business opportunities in e-commerce, infrastructure, automation, environmental technology and oil and gas sector.

Business Sweden’s Norwegian office also supports Swedish businesses with:

  • Establishment of a Norwegian branch of a foreign enterprise (NUF) and Limited Company (AS)
  • Relaying of contact to tax representatives in Norway
  • Address Agreements
  • Acquisition of .no domain

Contact us to learn more about Norway as an export market, and how we at Business Sweden can help with advice, market analysis, contacts and other areas where we can facilitate a successful establishment.

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