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Business culture

An openness to do business and price consciousness

Dutchmen are reliable and are always trying to make sure they get out as much as possible from a business deal

Open for new products and solutions

A hand shake is usually enough; however, to be on the safe side always make sure you have everything in print too  

Long and proud tradition of international commerce

It is not uncommon to discuss prices during your first business meeting and therefore it is important to always come prepared and be ready for tough price negotiations

Fast decision-making process

Reaching consensus is important however it is not as important as in Sweden, which translates to faster decisions

More hierarchical than in Sweden

Dutchmen are direct in their communication

It is not uncommon to ask a number of critical questions during a business meeting

Make sure you come well prepared with a lot of many different arguments and do not get offended by the a Dutchman’s direct style of communication