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Traffic Safety

Baltic countries have demonstrated strong progress in road safety and road fatalities have decreased considerably during the past years. All three Baltic states are implementing Vision Zero initiatives. Lithuanian and Swedish governments have signed a memorandum of understanding, which focuses on cooperation in transport policies.

Lithuania has planned ambitious road safety improvement programs between 2019-2022 with aim to improve the behaviour of the citizens, road infrastructure, vehicle safety, modernize the post-accident assistance and analysis systems.

The main focus areas that will see investments are intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and safe road infrastructure, which will create opportunities in following areas:

  • Traffic rules enforcement:
    • speed cameras
    • section control speed cameras
    • detail checking cameras
    • prohibited overtaking cameras

  • Traffic management:
    • Automatic management systems that reacts to traffic conditions
    • Variable traffic information signs
    • Traffic and accident analysis

  • Electronic Toll Collection for commercial transport

  • Low emission zone:
    • City tolling for all transport to reduce traffic and emission level

  • Electric vehicle charging

  • Engineering of safer road infrastructure for vulnerable road users

  • Road construction
    • Construction and development of 200 km international Via Baltica road which includes several bypasses and sections with 2+1 and 2+2 lanes

April 8th, 2019 Business Sweden and the Embassy of Sweden in Vilnius in cooperation with Lithuanian Ministry of Transport and Communications have organised the Traffic Safety seminar as a meeting platform for Swedish companies and Lithuanian stakeholders from the Lithuanian Ministry of Transport and Communications, Road Administration, largest municipalities and others.

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