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Business Sweden in Germany

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Germany is Sweden’s most important trading partner and as the fourth largest economy in the world Germany offers an array of business opportunities for Swedish companies.

Germany is the economic engine of Europe and the world’s fourth biggest industrial country. The German market with 81 million people and with a purchasing power per capita on average larger than Sweden’s, is the largest and geographically closest for Swedish companies. At the same time, Germany is the world’s third export nation, amounting to 10 percent of global export.

Germany is the most significant trading partner to Sweden, receiving 10 percent of Sweden’s total export as well as being responsible for around 17 percent of total Swedish import. Economic ties are strong and represented in 1500 Swedish subsidiaries with a presence in the German market. In parallel, Germany is the country that invested most in Sweden with its 1000 subsidiaries in the Swedish market place.

Business Sweden has been active in Germany since 1975. Our colleagues in Berlin have years of experience and knowledge about the German market and we have been involved in developing and realising Swedish companies business plans in Germany.

Business Sweden has identified several areas of business with vast potential in the German market. Among these we find the automotive industry (representing 20 percent of Germany’s economy) with production plants making up a third of Europe’s total production capacity as well as the energy and environment sectors, which are facing the challenge of liquating all nuclear power plants by 2022, a structural reform expected to raise EUR 250 billion in investments. Besides, the health care industry also offers opportunities with high density of caregivers and 20 times as many hospitals than Sweden, with a population only 9 times larger. The food industry is turning over EUR 162 billion annually and the 30 biggest retailers control 95 percent of the market. Also the creative industries have been experiencing growth and the market has become famous for its many start-up originating from Berlin.

Every year Business Sweden support many Swedish companies from a variety of sectors to establish a presence or expand on-going business operations in Germany. Contact us to learn more about Germany as an export market and how we can assist you with counselling, market analysis, partner search or anything else that can facilitate a move into the German market.

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