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ICT / Shared Services

The Baltic States boast with good mix of accessibility, language skills, IT infrastructure, education level, closeness to Swedish business culture and attractive cost levels. This provides business opportunities within customer support, financial and accounting, ICT, gaming and other services.

In connection with an accelerating digitalisation, companies have begun to seek and test new delivery models and competitive advantages. This also has created a global development of value chain fragmentation, where business services such as IT, accounting, personnel or R&D are placed in more cost-efficient countries. The Baltic countries have already seen increase in shared service centres (SSCs) and business process outsourcing (BPO), but there are still several business opportunities for Swedish companies that are planning to optimize their operations.

Thanks to a geographical proximity to Sweden, a high level of IT infrastructure, education and language skills, as well as attractive cost levels, Swedish companies regard the Baltics as an attractive region to find partners and open own companies with supportive functions.

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Ansis Murnieks

Manager Baltic States Manager Baltic States
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Consultant Consultant
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