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Estonia scores high within the E-health ecosystem, but there are still opportunities within smart hospital solutions that allow better medical and administrative decision-making. The market is characterized by higher per capita medical spending by regional standards and strong reliance on imports.

Estonia’s centrally managed e-health is aimed to make all health data available to patients as well as doctors. The Estonian e-health system connects the hospital databases, patient portal and pharmacies to one information exchange platform. E-health services include e-prescriptions, e-consultations, e-referral letters, e-ambulance, digital health records, nationwide picture archiving and communication systems. Estonia’s successful progress comes from the fact that Estonia has digitalized most of the health data, including prescriptions and invoicing.

Nevertheless, there is still room for development to improve the data services, decision-making and outcome assessment.

The strong focus areas in Estonian healthcare have been the centralization of the primary and the specialized care

Estonia has been strengthening its patient-centred healthcare by motivating single general practitioners to merge and form larger medical centres. Similar objective has been with the specialized care, where hospitals have been divided between two regional competency centres to develop and foster better cooperation and reduce overlapping services.

Good example of the healthcare centralization is the merging of the West-Tallinn and East-Tallinn hospitals. The currently outdated central hospital infrastructure in Tallinn will be replaced with a new modern medical campus by the end of 2025.  This large hospital infrastructure project will lead to opportunities within the hospital environment solutions or hospital construction segments in Estonia.

Business Sweden is well-positioned to support your growth in Estonia

Within healthcare market Business Sweden in Estonia can assist your organization with market entry whether your product is a digital solution, medical device or a hospital environment solution. Our expertise helps you to have quick access to key-stakeholders and decisionmakers within the private or public sector.  We assist companies with market visits and sales initiations, sales support, opportunity monitoring and government affairs. 

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