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The European Investment Bank

The European Investment Bank (EIB) was founded in 1958 in connection with the Treaty of Rome and supports projects that make a significant contribution to growth, employment, economic and social cohesion or sustainability in or outside Europe.

The EIB is the only bank that is owned by -and represents the interests of the EU member countries, and it is the world's largest multilateral bank. 90% of the activities are directed towards Europe, but financial services are also offered outside the EU. The EIB has six focus areas; small and medium-sized companies, regional development, environmental sustainability, innovation, trans-European infrastructure networks and energy. The bank is headquartered in Luxembourg.

There are many opportunities for Swedish companies to win projects financed by the EIB, either as an individual company or as part of a consortium. The projects vary in size and industry, it may involve the construction of a new hospital in the UK or the development of a water management system in Bangladesh.

We have a well-established relationship with the EBRD after several years of strategic cooperation to stimulate increased Swedish participation in the Bank's projects. Business Sweden can help Swedish companies by monitoring relevant and upcoming procurements, analyze business opportunities and decision-making processes and identify appropriate partners to form consortium.

EIB procurement

Business Sweden's Brussels office is responsible for a qualitative and proactive EIB counseling with a focus on EIB-funded procurements and projects. The work is based on close cooperation with the office of project exports at the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The aim is to increase the participation of Swedish companies in EIB-funded projects and to generate more sales for Swedish companies within the EU member states and globally. Through a unique network of offices in aid-recipient countries, we can monitor business opportunities locally and reconnecting to the central decision level in Luxembourg.


A qualitative study to map the conditions (decision- and planning processes and business opportunities) for your business. The analysis provides a good understanding of the relevant problems and recommendations for a strategy.

Monitoring and processing

Monitoring of investments, programs and procurements that are applicable for your company. Processing and mapping of decisions and of key persons.

Partner Search

Identification of suitable partners to form a consortium for participation in EIB-funded procurements.

Financing of feasibility studies

We support Swedish consultants in trying to identify funding and procurements earmarked for assignments on performing feasibility studies.

Event and visiting programs

We regularly organize EIB seminars to inform Swedish companies about business opportunities and targeted delegations to bring together companies with relevant decision-makers and clients.

Feel free to contact our office in Brussels to discuss your opportunities within EIB-funded projects.

Read more about the EIB at: http://www.eib.org