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EU Affairs

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The European Commission is a major funder of development projects and procurements in many areas with the aim to stimulate employment, combat poverty and social exclusion, supporting climate change and sustainable energy supply, and to promote research and education. The European Commission, whose head office is located in Brussels, is the responsible EU institution for managing the EU budget and is in charge of project financing and coordination of development aid and of support to new -and existing EU Member States.

EU provides funding to many different sectors all over the world, from infrastructure, transport and energy, to ICT, health and security. The funds are distributed through a variety of financing instruments, among others via the EU external assistance programs for developing countries or through the so-called structural funds that focus on the EU internal market. Projects may involve, for example, the funding of new roads in Morocco or support for environmentally smart innovations in Poland.

Swedish companies can participate in procurements of goods and services within EU-funded projects, either as individual companies or as part of a consortium. There are also opportunities for Swedish companies' local clients (government agencies, NGO's or private companies) to identify financing for potential investments, which in turn creates a need for reliable suppliers. There is thus a large potential market for both small and large companies active in many different areas.

The EU is currently going through a very exciting period after its institutions reached agreement on the EU budget for 2014-2020. The period following this agreement is interesting because investment levels are negotiated and decided for different countries, regions, industry sectors, programs and projects.

EU procurement and project funding

Business Sweden's Brussels office is responsible for a qualitative and proactive EU counseling with a focus on EU-funded programs, procurements and projects. The work is based on close cooperation with the office of project exports at the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The aim is to increase the participation of Swedish companies in EU-funded projects and to generate more sales for Swedish companies within the EU Member States, in EU candidate countries and neighboring states as well as in other beneficiary countries. Through a unique network of offices in aid-recipient countries, we can monitor business opportunities locally and reconnecting to the central decision level in Brussels.

We monitor business opportunities and give possibilities for Swedish companies to take part of them at an early stage. The Brussels office is also working to increase the company's understanding of how EU legislation affects their business. We have a developed network of contacts within the EU Commission in Brussels and well established relationships with several of the institution's departments (Directorate-Generals).


Business workshops on how companies can use financing by the EU for participating in a project and through participation in EU procurements. These assignments can be performed both for individual companies and for Swedish trade associations.


A qualitative study to map the conditions (decision- and planning processes and business opportunities) for your business. The analysis provides a good understanding of the relevant problems and recommendations for a strategy.

Monitoring and processing

Monitoring of investments, programs and procurements that are applicable for your company. Processing and mapping of decisions and of key persons.

Partner Search

Identification of suitable partners to form a consortium for participation in EU-funded procurements.

Policy Monitoring and Lobbying

Our Brussels office works to increase the company's understanding of how EU legislation affects their business. EU policy and legislation affects Swedish companies' ability to do business in Sweden and in the EU as a whole. It could concern the deregulation of a sector, opening up new areas of business, or new directives and regulations which may restrict companies' freedom of action - alternatively create new markets for companies with expertise in a certain area. We are able to support companies both with policy monitoring and through influence of the decision and legislative process.

Financing of feasibility studies

We support Swedish consultants in trying to identify funding and procurements earmarked for assignments on performing feasibility studies.

Event and visiting programs

We regularly organize EU seminars to inform Swedish companies about business opportunities and targeted delegations to bring together companies with relevant decision-makers and clients.

Feel free to contact our office in Brussels to discuss your opportunities within EU-funded projects.

Read more about the European Commission at: http://ec.europa.eu/index_sv.htm