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Business Sweden in Denmark

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According to the World Bank, Denmark is the ‘easiest’ country in the world to do business with. The geographical position, being a gateway to Europe and the rest of the world, are yet another reason why the Danish market is optimal for Swedish companies in the early phases of internationalisation.

Denmark has recovered from the financial crisis a few years back and a sense of optimism prevails. Economic growth is expected to increase as domestic consumption rise. Unemployment is falling and investments are surging.

Swedish-Danish trade is ancient. Today, Denmark is Swedens fifth largest export market and 2014 total export amounted to SEK 78 billion. The geographical closeness and similarities in society and business life are great advantages for Swedish companies. The bridge connecting Malmö and Copenhagen has facilitated regional integration and more Swedish companies are today interested in establishing a presence in Denmark.

Business Sweden has been operating in Denmark since 1978. The office, which also include Faeroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland, today have seven co-workers. Together we have many years of experience from a range of sectors and created a vast network among business leaders and political decision-makers.

There are opportunities for Swedish companies in several areas. Current modernisation of the country’s hospitals and the establishment of the so called ‘super hospital’ provide opportunities for service and product delivery to Danish health care. Export of services is steadily increasing and the demand for consultancy services has seen a particular rise the last few years. In infrastructure, renovation and expansions of roads, railways and bridges are prioritised. The Danes are some of the most active citizens online and many Swedish companies have opened web shops and e-commerce solutions targeting Danish consumers. Denmark is the second largest market for Swedish food exports and Danes are among those who buy most organic goods per person in the world. Within the energy sector, Denmark has an ambitious plan, aiming for 100 percent sustainable energy. The challenge is to convert coal, oil and natural gas to more environmental friendly alternatives utilizing modern environmental technology.

In Copenhagen there are eight United Nations agencies gathered in the ‘UN village’. Business Sweden in Copenhagen has been working with the UN since early 1980’s, organising events and seminars together with different agencies.    

Please get in touch and we can tell you more about Denmark as an export market and how Business Sweden can support you with counselling, analysis of market conditions, creating contacts through our network with business leaders, decision-makers and potential partners. We also assist with new market establishment of subsidiaries and other areas where help may be needed. 

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