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Automotive industry in the Czech Republic

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The Czech Republic has a strong tradition in automotive manufacturing and it is the most important industry in Czech trade, making up one-fourth of the total industrial output.

The Czech Republic is the second largest car producer in the world per capita. The  automotive industry employs directly and indirectly 250 000 people and it has attracted the interest of many foreign companies due to the favorable position and high quality of Czech engineers. With 1.4 million cars produced per annum, the Czech Republic is the 15th largest automotive producer in the world and hosts many successful OEMs such as Škoda Auto, Hyundai and Toyota/PSA. The country is a part of the German Automotive cluster where almost 10 million vehicles are produced annually. 22 production sites can be reached from Prague within 400 km radius. This proves the strategic position of the Czech Republic as one of the key automotive hubs in Europe.

There are approximately 850 automotive suppliers in the Czech Republic and ca 200 of them are on Tier 1 level. Out of the 100 global Tier 1 automotive suppliers, 56 suppliers have their production in the country.

The Czech Republic supports the development of R&D and technology centers. Currently more than 6000 people work in the automotive R&D and the country holds the highest R&D ranking in the CEE region.

The Czech automotive industry is an attractive destination for the Swedish suppliers of components and technologies. It presents solid opportunities both from the perspective of fixed capital investments as well as sales expansion.

Please contact our colleagues for a dialogue about how you can grow your business in the Czech Republic!

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