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Business Sweden in Austria

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The Austrian market is characterised by an energetic and stable business climate with market potential that is far from being fully exploited.

There are many interesting aspects with Austria, their stability, high technology, and cluster of world-wide car component distributors, small businesses, urge and innovation. 

Austria is a country with almost nine million inhabitants and a market almost the same size as Sweden. The country is in many aspects similar to Sweden; whether you are referring to population structure, social welfare, values, the country’s neutrality or the large percentage of small and medium businesses that interacts in an innovative environment. The Austrian market can also be regarded as an appropriate entry point for companies that want to export to the German-speaking countries and to countries in Eastern Europe. Austria is characterised, in comparison with Germany, with a lower level of competition and higher homogeneity, which often makes it easier to export.

On the Austrian market, a large part of Swedish primary industries are represented in the form of subsidiaries (a total of about 100). Sweden and Swedish companies are well known and have generally a good reputation considering good quality, seriousness and reliability. This already accrued impression, which should not be underestimated, helps a lot for companies considering exporting to Austria or establishing themselves in the Austrian market. 

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Hampus Nilzén

Trade Commissioner Austria and Hungary Trade Commissioner Austria and Hungary
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