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Manufacturing in Thailand

Thailand is the largest manufacturing hub in SEA for Automotive, Food Processing, Electronics and Electrical Appliances.

The manufacturing sector contributes to more than 40% of Thailand's GDP and the market is valued at over 150 Billion USD. Thailand is presented with various high potential industries such as automotive, electronics and electrical appliances, and food processing. Thailand is the biggest automotive producer in Southeast Asia with over 1.8 million vehicles produced annually and a strong local supply chain of parts and services. Opportunities also exist in manufacturing industries such as aerospace, railway, petrochemicals and plastics.

Swedish technology leaders could support Thailand to move forward to industry 4.0 within areas of automation and production efficiency

The Thai government has plans to move the manufacturing sector forward to industry 4.0 and improve efficiency by data and information technology and higher degree of automation. The proposed plan leads to a high demand for industrial robots, automation equipment and information technology or solutions that enhance production efficiency, safety and quality as well as lead to reduced environmental impact. 

In 2016, Thailand imported about 47.3 million USD worth of industrial robotics and automation equipment. Currently, most investments within automation focuses on process adjustment and increasing productivity per task.

Thailand is also a top destination for manufacturing and raw material sourcing. Having a cost-effective production, strategic location, well-developed infrastructure, and skilled workers, Thailand is considered to be a top production destination, both for targeting the local market but also as a gateway to other markets in the Mekong region and Southeast Asia.

To support the growth of the sector, Thailand has established industrial zones with well-developed infrastructure and also provides incentives such as exemption of import duty on machinery and essential materials to encourage foreign investments. 

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