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Contact persons

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Anders Wickberg

Trade Commissioner to Indonesia Jakarta Trade Commissioner to Indonesia, Jakarta
E-mail anders.wickberg@business-sweden.se
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Firman Ardiansyah

Consultant Jakarta Consultant, Jakarta
+62 821 2123 2123
E-mail Firman.Ardiansyah@business-sweden.se
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Aryusamalia Ardy

Consultant Jakarta Consultant, Jakarta
+62 811 1262 148
E-mail Aryusamalia.Ardy@business-sweden.se
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Martin Glaumann

Market Area Director South East Asia Singapore Market Area Director South East Asia, Singapore
E-mail martin.glaumann@business-sweden.se
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Nofilia Kiki

Associate, Accounting Jakarta Associate, Accounting, Jakarta
+62 21 570 6000
E-mail Nofilia.Kiki@business-sweden.se
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Stacia Sabrina

Jakarta , Jakarta
+62 878 78789267
E-mail Stacia.sabrina@business-Sweden.se
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Roland Santoso

Associate Jakarta Associate, Jakarta
+62 812 81230127
E-mail Roland.santoso@business-Sweden.se
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André Nilsson

Consultant Consultant
+46 73 978 21 10
E-mail andre.nilsson@business-sweden.se
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Johan Möller

Consultant Jakarta Consultant, Jakarta
+46 73 617 80 90
E-mail johan.moller@business-sweden.se


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Business Sweden in Jakarta

Jakarta , Jakarta
+62 (0)21 570 6000
E-mail indonesia@business-sweden.se