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SAM GROUP - The Swedish Australian Mining Group. Australian mining is at the forefront continuously break new barriers. Swedish mining suppliers are known for their innovations, high utilisation of technology and always with a focus on safe & sustainable mining. The tradition of collaboration between our two countries bears countless examples and a number of Swedish mining companies have been present & supportive in Australia for over 100 years! Swedish Australian Mining Group (SAM GROUP) aims to further expand and promote this healthy platform of collaboration.

The Swedish mining network that was a great success already back in the 90’s when it was founded, has been inactive for the last decade but is now set to take up its activities again. SAM GROUP has an important role to play to create value for its members. The mix of the official and the professional Sweden, gives the network a unique edge and strength that will enable the network to achieve its mission; to be a powerful promotion tool that will achieve growth for its members through increased visibility for the Swedish Mining Community in Australia.

The current 13 members represent a great mix of Sweden’s global giants as well as smaller companies with cutting-edge technology. With new members looking to join SAM GROUP in the near future, the strength of the network will continue to grow.

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Business Sweden in Sydney

Sydney , Sydney
+61 2 9262 10 77
E-mail sydney@business-sweden.se