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Swedish Sustainable Solutions Week – S³

Anti-corruption policies, gender equity, innovation and sustainability of Nordic countries are attracting a lot of attention from the new Mexican government (2018-2024), especially from the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Sweden and Mexico share a long history of diplomatic and commercial exchanges. The first diplomatic relations were established in 1864. In 1904, the first Swedish company, Ericsson, established itself in Mexico. In the following 100 years, many other multinational Swedish companies have settled in Mexico.

However, 50% of the 150 Swedish companies that today have a presence in Mexico, settled here during the last 20 years including most small and medium-sized companies and high-tech start-ups.

Mexico is a country with great cultural, natural and industrial wealth and a large recipient of foreign investments from almost every country around the world. Swedish innovation has found a good port in the Mexican industry and society, generating a commercial relationship of 115 years.

Most iconic Swedish companies are present in the country, being an essential part of the Mexican day-to-day life, such as security, mining, manufacturing, education, services, fashion, technology, health, social networks, mobility, etc. But there is still a tremendous need in Mexico for Swedish innovative solutions.

The Swedish Sustainable Solutions Week - S³ was organized by Business Sweden and the Swedish Embassy in Mexico during November.

Presentations of the Seminar - Innovation and Environmental Sustainability for Social Welfare:

07 November 2019