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Promising opportunities remain for Swedish companies in Mexico

Business Sweden´s objective is to help Swedish companies achieve their full international potential and through this also strengthen Swedish exports.

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The US election brings times of uncertainty; therefore Business Sweden Mexico wants to share some important facts about the possibilities for Swedish companies here.

“Swedish companies remain to have a lot to gain from being present in Mexico, one of the world’s most open markets, with 127 million inhabitants”, says Olof Hällerman, Trade Commissioner to Mexico and also Head of Business Sweden's operations in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

Mexico has as around 40 free trade agreements, among them a trade agreement with the EU. Mexico´s open market has together with low production costs contributed to Mexico´s position as the 12th largest economy in the world, and number 1 in Latin America together with Brazil. In addition, Mexico tops the World Bank ranking of ease of doing business in Latin America.

Mexico is USA´s second largest export market and third largest import market. Millions of US jobs are directly connected to trade relations with Mexico, largely thanks to the NAFTA agreement. The two countries have through decades of trade relations developed an important interdependence for both economies, not only for Mexico´s.

Mexico's Finance Minister announced on the morning after the US election that if necessary the government is prepared to take measures to preserve macroeconomic stability and growth by supporting the peso and attract foreign investment.

“Me and my colleagues at Business Sweden Mexico are following the developments very closely, with the purpose to help our current and new clients in the best way possible”, says Olof Hällerman.

09 November 2016