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Reports & facts

Business Sweden continuously works to meet Swedish companies' information needs. We publish ongoing reports and new insights that are relevant for Swedish companies establishing and operating on the Brazilian market. The material was developed by Business Sweden's expert team and is designed in close cooperation with industry specialists, Swedish and Brazilian companies as well as industry organizations.

industry facts



Brazil: an introduction to the market

With a population of 201 million people and the world’s 7th largest economy Brazil continues, despite current economic and political challenges, to represent a major market for Swedish exporters. Besides, more than 200 Swedish companies have chosen to establish operations in Brazil. Opportunities pile up in specific sectors such as health care and pharmaceuticals, digital services, agribusiness, mining, defense and the oil and gas industry. Download report


e-commerceOpportunities within e-commerce

E-commerce in Brazil is responsible for more than 3% of all retail in the country, presenting growth of around 25% per year, which represents the double of Swedish online retail in value traded. Smartphones is nowadays accessible to the population enabling internet access and the possibility of buying online. Although there are strong positioned local players such as Mercado Livre, Brazilians also buy from foreign retailers. Taxes and payment methods remain as challenges for exportersDownload report


SoyOpportunities within food and agriculture

Brazil is expected to supply up to 40% of the global food demand by 2050. The country is already a world-leading food producer and a top supplier of a diverse array of agricultural goods such as beef, chicken, ethanol, cotton, soybean, coffee, sugar and cellulose. Brazil is also home to large exporters such as JBS, Brazil Foods (BRF), Marfrig, AmBev and others.  Recent corruption scandal uncovered by Carne Fraca investigation should increase market for quality check solutions. Download report


open pitOpportunities within mining

Brazil is a leading and diversified mineral producer and places itself as the world's 3rd largest producer of iron ore. Additionally, Brazil extracts a significant amount of minerals such as bauxite, nickel, tin, copper and gold. Vale do Rio Doce is the largest Brazilian mining company, accounting for more than 90% of the market, and also one of the largest worldwide. Forecast investments include automation, in order to increase production, and energy efficiency at mining sites. Download report


eucalyptusOpportunities within pulp and paper

Brazil is the 4th largest pulp producer in the world and there is still room for growth. Brazilian Eucalyptus has a short rotation period of 7 years and it is the main source for production of pulp in Brazil, which makes the country one of the most productive worldwide. There you will also find the most productive companies in the segment, such as Fibria, Klabin and Suzano. The Brazilian forest industry invested a total of 8,4 BBRL in 2014 which resulted in many opportunities for suppliers in the sector. Download report


health careOpportunities within healthcare

The Brazilian healthcare market is Latin America’s largest, with a total spending similar to large European countries. With an ageing population, the demand for medical products and pharmaceuticals will grow. Brazil has established a universal healthcare system called SUS, which is complemented by a strong private sector consisting of leading hospitals and insurance companies. The registration of products by the local agency, Anvisa, is still a bureaucratic and time-consuming process. Download report


automotiveOpportunities within the automotive industry

Brazil is the world’s 8th largest automotive producer and the 6th largest market for light vehicles. Swedish OEMs such as Volvo and Scania, besides Fiat, Volkswagen, GM, Ford and Toyota, have established production in Brazil. There is also a large presence of agriculture vehicle manufacturers like AGCO, CNH and John Deere, besides a vast industry of auto parts and system integration. Brazil remains as a automotive industry hub for Latin America. Download report


Oil platform offshoreOpportunities within oil and gas

The oil and gas industry is a key sector for the Brazilian economy, with growing production and refining capacity, besides investments in new technology and efficient solutions. Petrobras is the major stakeholder in the sector, with presence in the upstream and downstream of the oil chain. Although the recent corruption scandal uncovered by Lava Jato operation has created financial problems, Petrobras will continue to be the most important player and investor in the Brazilian market. Download report


GripenOpportunities whitin defense and aerospace

Brazil's purchase of 36 Saab JAS 39 Gripen NG aircraft is a major step for Swedish-Brazilian cooperation in the defense and aerospace sector, and for other business areas. Brazilian Armed Forces and Ministry of Defense expect to invest 410 BBRL by 2031. Brazil is home to the world’s third largest manufacturer of civil aircrafts, Embraer. Besides, the country invests in vast clusters of aerospace, defense and security suppliers. Download report




Nurturing spillover from the Industrial Partnership between Sweden and Brazil

What are the possible spillover effects from the Gripen project? What type of policy interventions will be needed to support the development of spillover effects to both countries? 

an imageThis Swedish government assignment explores the opportunities, limitations and potential effects of technology and knowledge diffusion in large, transboundary high-tech industrial projects. The Gripen project is particularly instructive since it illustrates the possibility for a large industrial project to leverage increased collaboration in, not only in aeronautics, but also other industrial sectors as well as extended parts of both economies. Download study

Business Sweden, Growth Analysis, the Swedish Embassy in Brazil and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in São Paulo act together as Team Sweden in order to support Sweden in achieving its full potential of export, research and development, as well as to form collaborations in Brazil.

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