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Biogas Business Opportunities

The interest in biogas solutions is growing in Brazil alongside the realization of the potential gains. It could be one of the solutions applicable in handling solid waste - a challenge that all municipalities in Brazil are facing and one that requires an urgent solution.

Brazil is evaluating different solutions for waste to energy but, for the time being, biogas lacks the policy push that exists in Sweden. High cost of construction of biogas plants, specific operation and maintenance requirements are some difficulties that for implementation of biogas projects in Brazil. The role of the government is therefore considered crucial in developing the technology. Municipalities are important stakeholders and federal financial incentives and legislation play a big part in providing the necessary incentives.

To continue the development of energy generation from biogas projects, companies and municipalities can benefit from learning how to make biogas production financially viable. Sweden has a history of providing financial support to new projects and creating private-public partnership models with distributed benefits, where the involved stakeholders gain financially and from knowledge sharing.

The cooperation would have maximum effect through contact at several levels: federal government, research institutions, municipalities and private companies.