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Environmental Technology Initiative

The Environmental Technology Initiative is a specific trade program funded by the Swedish government and managed by Business Sweden designated to supporting Swedish environmental technology companies’ growth on the Brazilian market.

The Environmental Technology Initiative aims to facilitate market entry for interested Swedish environmental technology companies by offering continuous and dedicated effort and support in promoting trade between Sweden and Brazil.

Swedish companies can take part of initial and in-depth segment studies, get involved in dedicated reference groups directing the course of such research, as well as take part in events such as seminars, workshops and expos to increase market presence. The year 2014 will see the realization of several events based on previous research, as well as the initiation of new focus areas.

Since the beginning of the initiative in 2011, Business Sweden has identified and focused efforts on seven industry tracks assessed to offer the most opportunities for Swedish companies:

  • Industrial air pollution
  • Biogas
  • Green building
  • Sustainable Transport
  • Symbiocity
  • Waste water
  • Solid waste

As supporting studies not focused on a specific track, Business Sweden identified tender processes and financing solutions as relevant to all companies. These can be used to better understand the financing sources for activities in Brazil and the Brazilian tender processes respectively. 

In 2012, Business Sweden organized business delegations and networking events in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, a Swedish stand at the Green Building Expo in São Paulo and identified business opportunities on the Brazilian market within biogas, air pollution and sustainable transport.

In 2013, the information for the identified tracks was updated and companies participating in the 2012 events were supported through continuous contact. In addition, new tracks were identified.

The Environmental Technology Initiative webpage contains track specific reports, summaries, information on past and planned activities – all arranged by area/track in the menu on the left.