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Business Sweden in Brazil

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Brazil is currently the world's 9th largest economy. With 201 million inhabitants and a land mass the same size as Europe, it is the world's 5th largest country seen from both population and surface area. Immeasurable and diversified natural resources include oil and gas, minerals and the world's largest arable land. The emergence of world-class industries in sectors such as agriculture and aircraft manufacturing make Brazil a key player in the world market.

Brazil's large domestic market has attracted international companies for decades. There are over 200 Swedish companies established in the country through Brazilian subsidiaries or local distributors and partners. However, the country is known for its protectionist approach and maintenance of high import duties for most products. Together with Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela, Brazil is part of the Mercosur customs union, which aims to promote trade, labor flow and capital between the countries. Therefore, Brazil is often the hub for multinational companies operating throughout South America.

The Gripen agreement signed in 2014 strengthened the strategic partnership between Brazil and Sweden. The acquisition of the Gripen is a framework for a partnership that will last for more than 30 years and has already led to increased cooperation on a number of key areas. Brazil has a well-established industry in sectors such as automotive, mining, agriculture, food, paper and pulp. The health sector has proved to be particularly interesting for Swedish companies in recent years due to increased investments in medical equipment, among other things in both the public and the private healthcare systems.

Business Sweden's office in São Paulo is the largest in South America. We offer a broad network, local knowledge and a complete service portfolio in order to support Swedish companies in different stages of their market establishment, from smaller export transactions to major investments to increase local presence, such as finding a suitable partner to opening full-scale production. We also perform targeted initiatives towards prioritized industries to promote Swedish business interests and to take advantage of the business opportunities identified through upcoming new investments or regulatory changes in the country.


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Andreas Rentner

Trade Commissioner São Paulo Trade Commissioner, São Paulo
+55 11 99163 1116

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