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Business Sweden in Argentina

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Argentina is the second largest economy in South America. The country has a diversified industrial base and is rich in high-value commodities while exporting the country’s product to many markets, which means that Argentina holds considerable appeal as an investment destination. The economy is expected to grow by 2.7% in 2017 and continue on this growth path in the coming years, according to the World Bank.

Argentina’s new government has been ambitious in establishing a reform plan to attract foreign investment to the country, simultaneously abolishing various protectionist barriers such as currency exchange controls, restrictions on withdrawals of earned income and dividends, as well as on the import of capital goods.

In the country’s efforts to improve on the previous lack of transparency, Argentina has quickly climbed on the Global Open Data Index, moving from the 54th to the 17th spot on the ranking, ahead of Sweden. This policy has had a good impact on the internationalisation process of Argentina in order to attract investments and stay relevant for foreign capital.

The trade between Sweden and Argentina increased rapidly between 2015 and 2016 as imports of goods from Argentina to Sweden increased by 11.2%; while exports of goods from Sweden to Argentina showed an increase of 15.3%. During the period between January and May 2017 imports of goods from Argentina to Sweden increased by 60% compared to the same period last year, while Sweden's exports to Argentina increased by 13% in this same period. The strengthening of Swedish-Argentinian commercial relations reflects a considerable change in the trade dynamics.

As an institution shared between the Government of Sweden and its private industry, Business Sweden enjoys broad access to corporate and institutional networks at all levels. These networks are a great asset and enable Business Sweden to help Swedish companies in Argentina reach their full international potential. Business Sweden is represented in Argentina through our office in Santiago, Chile.

In Argentina, Sweden is a brand well esteemed and which is associated with the concepts of innovation, quality, reliability, and technology. In our recent Business Climate Survey for 2017-2018 we found that Swedish companies present in Argentina believe that being Swedish is beneficial when it comes to relationships with the government and in helping them to sell their products and services.

At Business Sweden we enable companies to increase their revenue and find new revenue streams, as well as helping companies shortening time to market while ensuring efficient operations and lower their risks. 

Contact us and we can tell you more about Argentina and how our services can help you increase your revenue.

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