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Information and Cyber Security

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Over the coming years, global digitization is expected to continue at a high pace. Many developing countries are taking big leaps forward in terms of technical maturity and information technology investments, which can offer great business opportunities for Swedish companies.

Business Sweden, in close collaboration with Swedish companies and business associations, are currently in the process of analyzing the sector, a task which aims to set and determine a common future business strategy.

In the future, global cyber threats are expected to emanate from a wide array of state and non-state actors. There is an ever-increasing accesss to wireless internet connections, as well as the use of smartphones and tablets. It is seen as a great economic catalyst, but at the same time the vast amount of digital information - if corrupted or tampered - also possesses a threat to our society. World Economic Forum have reported that the costs of building secure IT systems, to counterfeit data tampering could total 6 trillion USD in the global economy year 2021.

Moreoever, networks, systems, and information are at risk from an evolution of malicious cyberspace activities.  The most important emerging cyber threats to national security will come from exploitation of our weakest technology components: mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). Our social media, web applications, cloud services, and critical infrastructures are also vulnerable to targeted attacks, influence operations, information leaks, and the loss of intellectual property. Adversarial cyber operations range in scope from compromising critical infrastructure

Establishing an effective cyberspace defence will require a combination of next-generation technologies able to warn of the latest wave of elusive threats and a sound policy framework that balances the public interest with national defence. In relation to this, Swedish companies are in the forefront and considered among the best in the world. Business Sweden are able to assist a broad range of Swedish SME in their aim to reach markets beyond our own borders.