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Transportation and Automotive

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Without functioning logistics, infrastructure and transportation any society would come to a halt. Sweden has for a long time been a role model in this sector. We help companies to make good business through a variety of export intiatives.

There is a growing international demand in traffic safety, operation and maintenance of transport systems (roads, railways, airports, ports), management of congestion etc. Collaborating with government agencies and companies, Business Sweden facilitaes the export of knowledge, services and products in three main business segments:

  • Air & Sea - Companies, products and services for planning, construction and operation and maintenance of airports, ports and operation of aircrafts and cargo ships. This includes, among other things, technical consultants, sustainable infrastructure solutions, weather monitoring, system control and monitoring, as well as vechicels, equipment and logistics for airports and ports. The area also covers train manufacturers and their suppliers.
  • Road & Rail - Companies, products and services related to the planning and construction of roads, railways and infrastructure, as well as operation of urban transport and railways. This includes, among other things, technical consultants, sustainable infrastructure solutions; weather monitoring, system control and monitoring of roads, rail logistics and traffic management. The area also covers train manufacturers and their suppliers.
  • Vehicles - Businesses, products and services for the development, manufacturing and sales of vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles and tractors. The area also covers suppliers and subcontractors to the automotive manufacturers and OEMs of automotive components. The area also covers safety and environmental issues for the automotive industry and smart vehicles.

There are two communication platforms that are linked to the industry Transport Systems.

Vision Zero Initiative, serving as a platform to present Sweden as a world leader in road safety. The goal is to help other countries to reduce traffic accidents and deaths on the roads and at the same time help Swedish companies to promote their products, solutions and expertise. 

Read more on – www.visionzero.com

SymbioCity, Sustainability by Sweden, is a platform and a tool for international marketing of Swedish knowledge and technology within the urban infrastructure, This means technology related to water, drain and waste disposal, but also preparation, communication, construction, industry etc. The concept has been developed on the initiative of the Swedish government together with Swedish business. Within Symbiocity is also symbio City Urban Transportation and the Symbio City sustainable airports.

Read more on - http://www.symbiocity.org/

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Anna Clarin

Digital Marketing Manager, Marcom & Digitalisation Stockholm Digital Marketing Manager, Marcom & Digitalisation, Stockholm