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Make sure everyone is on board – the key to long term success

The first steps out on the food export market often require investments in both time and money to adjust to the local market. Larger countries such as Germany might require you to start with one region a time. Reaching national listings and large sales volumes will take time- so it requires you and the company to be well prepared!

Reaching successful international revenue is a long term investment that will affect the entire company. The international food market is highly competitive so the importance of leaving a professional first impression is vital. To ease the process of both sales and delivery and to build long lasting relationships, it is important to have all the relevant departments in your organisation on board during the whole process in order to grow your international sales successfully.

Below we have listed three important steps to prepare when going international.  

1. The sales and listing process – adapt to the native language

  • Make sure to give a professional offer in the native language. Make it accessible for the purchaser to see minimum orders, pallet measurements, certifications etc.

  • The listing process at a food retailer often requires a lot of documentation regarding product specifications and terms of delivery. These documents are often in their own native language such as e.g. German or French, so make sure you have the right language competence to support you.

  • You might need to print new packaging labels and adapt content information for your products in the native language.

  • Make sure you have a qualified team to handle the administration.

2. The first delivery – the first impression

  • It is important to build a professional relationship with your new international customer. There might be a need to review delivery and logistics details to meet the delivery requirements of new customers.

  • Make sure that your order and logistics department is on board for a smooth start.

  • It is also of high importance to be able to communicate in your customers native language, to answer any questions regarding order or delivery.

3. Marketing budget- to reach listing and accelerate sales  

To reach a listing at a food retailer it often requires that you put in your own sales efforts. Make sure you have a budget for marketing such as:

  • Tastings
  • Product samples
  • Advertisement
  • Campaigns

Would you like to know more about how to accelerate your growth by reaching food retailers in Europe? Contact your local Business Sweden office and we are happy to give you hands on advice and tools to reach your full international potential.


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Maria Varnauskas

Manager, Food Industry Stockholm Manager, Food Industry, Stockholm
+46 70 815 02 63