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Long-term and strategic cooperation was the key for Zenicor to take a position on the British market. They preceded a solid preparatory work in close collaboration with Business Sweden, where Business Sweden for several years supported Zenicor in strategic customer relationship and advisory service for continued expansion on the market.

The Swedish medical system company Zenicor has developed a product, Zenicor ECG, which is a simple and efficient equipment used to diagnose patients with cardiac arrhythmia. Zenicor ECG has the intention to prevent stroke or other diseases caused by blood clots by diagnosing irregular heartbeats, which can be done from a distance. Zenicor has been established in Scandinavia since 2010 and has in recent years expanded both to the German and British Market with help from Business Sweden.

Long and intense collaboration

Business Sweden Britain and Zenicor started their partnership in 2012 with the initial step of performing a thorough market analysis of the market potential, competitors, potential customers and key people on the market. After the analysis had been accomplished Business Sweden identified key people among potential customers and arranged so that Zenicor could fulfil important meetings. This was followed by a continued intense collaboration between the companies, so that we could establish Zenicor on the British market through targeted sales and marketing activities towards carefully selected segments.

-Business Sweden has been an important partner for us during our establishment in the UK. We started our collaboration in 2012 when the team in London helped us with a Business opportunity project where they looked over the potential of the British market. Since then business Sweden has been acting as our sales force by representing us at Fairs, sales meetings, and they have also initiated contact with key people says Mats Palerius, CEO of Zenicor Medical systems.

Established position on the market

After three years of collaboration Zenicor has established their position on the British market, they now have several customers and important partners. Business Sweden has been a big part of the current business plan and assisted through the recruitment process of a local full-time salesmen

-We have now reached a point where we have decided to recruit our own British representative. We are, however, confident about the fact that we will keep in touch with our team at Business Sweden London, sayas Mats Palerius.

Zenicorn has also collaborated with Business Sweden’s office in Finland, Norway, Germany and Austria.