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Volvo Buses: ”There is a growing need for quality urban transport in Southeast Asia”

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High quality products have come in high demand in Southeast Asia, and this includes transport. As private and government customers alike have discovered that durable and sustainable means value for money, Volvo Buses has found a new market for their world leading transport solution.

“The urbanisation level in the cities in Southeast Asia is increasing so there is an enormous need for high quality urban as well as intercity transport, says Jan Vandooren, Urban Mobility Director at Volvo Buses.

Steadfast urbanisation and economic growth in the last few years has led to a growing demand of high quality transport in Southeast Asia. Volvo Buses, with its bus rapid transit solutions (BRT), has a sharp focus on this market.

“Countries like India, China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia all have a strong GDP growth. Volvo Buses of course benefits from participating in this economic development,” said Vandooren.

These markets have previously been served by a lot of local, low-quality commodities, but now these countries are emerging as high-quality markets. But, more habitants buying more cars for themselves is not the key to success. Better public transportation is the solution and Volvo Buses is world class provider of just that.

“This industry has often been unregulated, and minibuses and jeeps have taken over the cities, creating a non-sustainable situation. Politicians as well as entrepreneurs understand that more sustainable solutions are needed, which has led to an increased demand of BRT solutions.”

To expand into these newer markets Volvo Buses has turned to Business Sweden for support.

“Business Sweden has a vast network of important local contacts in most of the countries we are expanding into. We have been able to participate in national trade delegations and they have arranged dedicated workshops and seminars in different countries and cities,” said Vandooren.

Business Sweden has also done focus studies, and stakeholder management activities to reduce time to market and propel growth.

“We have worked together with Volvo Buses to strengthen their win probabilities for prioritized bus deals using government to government approaches such as high-level visits, capacity building and stakeholder influencing, as well as providing market and industry insights relating to targeting of key opportunities” said Vivianne Gillman, Trade Commissioner, Business Sweden.

Business Sweden uses the full toolbox to position Volvo Buses as a global leader on sustainable transport solutions, and as an advisor on how to succeed in building modern, sustainable and efficient public transport solutions with a high ridership. This is very important to Jan Vandooren.

“A lot of countries are looking for better quality products and we can contribute with our safe, clean and efficient transportation solutions. The solutions are offered at a premium price, which they are willing to pay. We’ve seen a shift in demand for durable and sustainable products, because they know it is good value for money,” said Vandooren.

About Volvo Buses

Volvo Buses is one of the world’s leading brands of buses and coaches, operating in more than 140 countries. The company was founded in Sweden in 1927, and a year later the first bus rolled out on the streets. The company started with a vision of safe and efficient transportation for everyone and the continued concept is to provide pioneering, sustainable transport solutions globally.


For Volvo Buses to expand into new markets in Southeast Asia where the economics are rapidly growing and need for quality transportation in rising.


Business Sweden supported Volvo Buses with stakeholder management, market and industry insights and partner mobilization support to shorten time to market and accelerate sales.


Volvo Buses is established as global leader on sustainable transport solutions, and as an advisor on how to succeed in building modern, sustainable and efficient public transport solutions with a high ridership.

The number

50. The Land Transport Authority of Singapore recently awarded Volvo Buses an order for 50 Volvo 7900 Hybrids in continuation of its efforts to build a more environmentally friendly public bus fleet.