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Törnholding AB has noticed an increased interest of their wooden products on the Polish market. Due to this, they initiated cooperation with Business Sweden’s Warsaw office. With help from Business Sweden a sales representative was recruited to Törnholdings Polish company Dalatrading. After the recruitment Törnholding started working more and more with the Polish market increasing their sales 5200m3 to 15 000 m3 in 5 years.

Boda sawmill has been active in Dalarna over the past 100 years, the company focuses on high quality pine products, and sell their products at approximately 10 markets around the world. Their products are suitable for both the furniture as well as construction industry, which are two growing industry segments in Poland.

Before contacting Business Sweden, only fully loaded trucks of 45-50 m3 were offered to the Polish market. Because of the increased interest of high quality wood, Törnholding carried out a market analysis, and revived their Polish company, Dalatrading. As a result of their market analysis, a warehouse was opened in Poznan in western Poland. In order to continue to push sales and grow the company, Törnholding contacted Business Sweden in Warsaw to receive help with recruitment of a sales representative for the Polish market. Early in the establishment process, Törnholding realized the importance of having a sales representative stationed in Poland in order to succeed with the establishment and obtain knowledge about the local culture and language.


Through ads in Polish newspaper, and head hunting in Business Swedens network, an initial sales representative was hired for the Polish market. Before the recruitment process, Business Sweden and Törnholding had a kick-off meeting in order to establish what characteristics were of main interest for Törnholding, and what was most important to think about concerning the Polish market. Establishing the right criteria and profile is crucial in order to succeed with the recruitment. It was of great importance that the future sales representative had good knowledge about the industry, and knew the terms and language used. The future sales representative would act as a link between the Polish and Swedish company, which also made it crucial that the person had good English skills. Business Sweden’s local knowledge about the country, but also the industry was of great help during the recruitment process. Business Sweden organized interviews as well as helped out with the format of the contract.

Before Törnholding recruited their first responsible sales representative for Poland, approximately 500m3 of wooden products were sold to the market on a yearly basis. Today, their sales have increases to 15 000m3 worth around 30 billion SEK. Although they have already seen such a strong development, Börje Törnberg the owner of Törnholding is positive for the future, and expects an additional 15 – 20 % growth coming years.


In addition to Poland, Törnholding also note the possibility with establishing a sawmill in Ukraine. By also being present on the Ukrainian market they have the possibility to further strengthen their brand in Poland. With a saw mill in Ukraine, Törnholding can continue to offer their Polish customers high quality products but for a lower price than the wood products that are exported from Sweden to Poland.

With the positive development on the market, and future plans to establish in Ukraine, does Törnholding and Business Sweden keep a continues contact to offer support and provide help in future projects.