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Saab Tacticall initiates cooperation with Brazilian business partners

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The Gripen agreement between Sweden and Brazil has enabled a stronger cooperation between the countries in several areas. Through this strategic cooperation, Sweden and Brazil initiated a long-term partnership of at least 30 years. This has led to an increased interest in Swedish high technology from Brazilian companies. Business Sweden supported Saab Tacticall, a business unit within the Saab Group, in finding Brazilian partners with the right profile in order to expand its presence in Brazil.

Saab TactiCall Solutions is a business unit within the Saab Group that works with communication solutions and integration of communication systems. TactiCall Integrated Communication System (ICS) is a solution used to connect and integrate all communication technologies, regardless of radio band, frequency and hardware. By using a common platform for all communication, with one common interface, both the operational ability and efficiency can be improved. Interoperability and the ability to easily communicate between different units and across multiple business areas are simplified, internally and externally, which also helps to maximize resources and minimize risks in the business. The system is scalable from one to several operator sites (or communication interfaces), and provides the core of managing remote-controlled settings, from single radio to full operation.

Saab TactiCall Solutions was looking for business partners in Brazil with expertise and operation in various sectors such as defense, marine, oil & gas, and telecom. The company searched for local well established companies with experience in working with communication systems. Saab TactiCall Solutions contacted Business Sweden in order to get support in identifying the right partners in the Brazilian market.

Local partner with the right capabilities

Saab TactiCall Solutions’ wish list for a partner included a well-established network in several sectors such as defense, marine, oil & gas and telecom with the ability and resource capacity to, along with Saab, market, sell and implement TactiCall at the end customer and work with aftermarket by providing local technical support when needed.

Business Sweden used a methodology based on developing a list of companies with commercial representation of different communication solutions in the Brazilian market, which were present within the segments that were interesting to Saab and TactiCall. Business Sweden started with desk research, analyzed databases and contacted industry associations. The gross list was evaluated together with Saab according to the various criteria.

Business Sweden also benchmarked Saab's partners in other markets to increase understanding of which profile had shown best success according to Saab's expectations. The information gathered was later translated into Brazil's reality.

After a number of revisions, the list was cut down from 28 to 12 companies that showed potential for a partnership. These companies were interviewed by Business Sweden with the intention of obtaining supplementary information regarding its market success and capacity to act as a partner for Saab TactiCall.

Meetings in Brazil

Business Sweden identified six potential partners. The market managers of Saab TactiCall Solutions visited the identified companies in Brazil to establish contact and investigate the interests of the companies in a future collaboration. After a full-time meeting program, Saab decided to proceed with two of the identified candidates and establish cooperation on marketing, sales and delivery.

"We have initiated partnerships with two actors identified by Business Sweden. We are now working to strengthen business relations with them." Fredrik Hillbom, Sales Director, Market Area Latin America, SAAB AB.

"Without Business Sweden, we would have had difficulty accessing as many candidates. The project with Business Sweden enabled us to reach qualified partners faster" said Jens Møldrup, Sales Director, Communications Solutions, SAAB Danmark A/S.

For more information about Saab TactiCall, please access http://www.saab.com/

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