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Energy efficiency solutions for Indonesian hotels

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Regin is a Swedish technology company operating worldwide in the building automation industry. The company provides a wide range of solutions for building energy efficiency, including hotels. Regin’s solutions contribute to energy savings for air conditioning that currently accounts for up to 65% of total energy use in hotels, having a significant impact on profitability. With the support from Business Sweden and the Swedish Energy Agency, Regin is now set to become a challenger for building automation also in Indonesia.

Regin has sales in over 90 countries and offices in more than 15 countries worldwide. The company has been present in South East Asia since 2001 and in Indonesia with local representation since 2013. Regin is actively seeking for strategic partnerships with certified system integrators and distributors for several market segments such as office buildings, airports, shopping malls, hospitals and hotels. Local representation has significantly increased sales during the last three years and empowered Regin to be a true energy efficiency challenger in the local market. Regin keeps on expanding its business to further strengthen its footprint on the growing Indonesian market.

Regin is supported by Business Sweden with stakeholder mapping and market analysis, specifically for the hotel industry. Open business communication with hotel chain owners is considered as an effective top-down approach that will complement current bottom-up approach through system integrators. Business Sweden has played an important role in opening the communication.   


”Indonesia is in great need of solutions for energy efficiency, especially within its ever expanding tourism and hospitality industry. During the coming years, we hope to offer quotes to some big hotel projects in Indonesia.”, says Michael Johansson, Business Area Manager and Product Manager at Regin.

Regin is one of the participating companies in Indonesia Business Accelerator Program 2016. The program is a collaboration between Business Sweden and Swedish Energy Agency with the objective to support the penetration of Swedish energy solutions for Indonesia. As part of the program, Regin has been involved in delegation and meeting programs. Regin has been introduced to several large international hotel chains as well as umbrella organizations such as the Green Building Council of Indonesia (GBCI) and airport operators in Indonesia.

”Our cooperation with Business Sweden in Jakarta has opened many doors and has led us to hotel chain projects which Regin is eager to be involved in. For the next 5 years, we will strive hard to excel to be one of the few top market leaders in Indonesia and the South East Asia region.” says Merry Ekaroza, Indonesia Area Manager at Regin.