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Quant: “We were able to sit down with the key players”

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During the past three years industrial equipment maintenance company Quant has landed two important clients and is in negotiations with even more. This is mainly due to the fact that Swedish companies are respected for their Swedish values.

“Business Sweden inspired confidence in clients that made them eager to do business with a Swedish company,” said Jacob Duhan, SVP of Group Strategy & Business Development at Quant.

He believes that companies in southern Europe were particularly motivated to partner with Quant because of Sweden’s strong reputation for corporate social responsibility. For example, though businesses in southern Europe needed to cut costs to stay competitive, high unemployment rates made outsourcing a scary word. Business Sweden was able to process companies that Quant was very concerned with building and maintaining trust and rapport with them.

Within Sweden and with select global partners, Quant has been well-known for fulfilling on its promise to help companies from pulp and paper to food and beverage increase and streamline productivity, improve worker safety, and reduce costs. A plan for targeted expansion into southern Europe was a no-brainer– a post crisis economy there meant that businesses would be keen to save on maintenance costs. However, despite knowing which businesses might benefit from Quant’s holistic approach, there remained the issue of getting in a room with those businesses.

“Once Business Sweden qualified the different contacts through diverse activities and pre-meetings, we quickly were able to sit down with the key players, the high-level people making the decisions,” said Piero Allegrini, VP of Sales for Quant.

Quant, formerly ABB Full Service, has over a quarter century of experience leading Sweden and the world in the industrial equipment maintenance industry. During the past three years, a partnership with Business Sweden has empowered Quant to accelerate their reach in Southern Europe, and to begin making inroads to Asia.

Quant has very long sales cycles. The longer a company’s sales cycle, the bigger decision makers its salesforce must get in front of. The name Business Sweden automatically evokes a commitment to the Swedish values of reliability and innovation. This attracts CEOs, COOs and CFOs, and once conversations are initiated, Business Sweden also has the chance to emphasize in detail how Swedish companies operate in accordance with Swedish values.

“Business Sweden provides strategic advice, sales execution and operational support to help Swedish companies grow their international revenues. They can trust us to shorten time to market, find new revenue streams, and minimise risks,” says Malin Svensson, Country Manager Spain and Portugal and Client Lead for Quant in Europe at Business Sweden. 

Since partnering with Business Sweden, Quant has landed two important clients, Barcelona Carton, and Solán de Cabras, and is in negotiations with others. “Business Sweden was a game-changer in this market, because they really opened doors for us,” Allegrini said.

Fresh of its 2017 success in southern Europe, 2018 will see Quant digging where they stand, and looking to Business Sweden to open more doors, in Asia, South America, and all over the world.


Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Quant has more than 25 years experience and over 2200 employees delivering top-level industrial equipment maintenance. Quant is a market leader in this industry, maintaining and improving the safety, production and equipment performance for over 300 facilities around the world. Spread across five continents, Quant is working 24/7 to make a measurable, sustainable difference for their customers.

Problem: Quant needed to meet key industry players to expand into southern Europe and grow revenue.

Solution: Business Sweden facilitated and qualified difficult-to-make connections and helped Quant build trust and shorten time to market.

Result: Quant exceeded 2017 sales expectations in southern Europe, and is on target to do the same in 2018.


30. Quant's business in southern Europe exceeded sales expectations with 30 percent in 2017.