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Quant accelerates customer targeting in the U.S.

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As the global leader in industrial maintenance, Quant offers integral maintenance services for their customers. With the help of Business Sweden, Quant has developed a more targeted growth strategy for the U.S. and has been able to focus sales efforts on the most promising industry subsectors and geographical regions.

Quant, formally ABB Full Service, has been a global market leader for over 25 years, providing professional industrial maintenance services. With a presence in over 20 countries and a plan to increase global turnover, Quant chose Business Sweden to be their strategic partner in several markets around the world. In the U.S. Quant is a relatively unknown brand and has difficulties to get access to senior level executives to initiate a dialog for outsourcing of maintenance services. Quant wanted to develop insight on where the growth is in the U.S. within selected industries and formulate a more targeted market growth strategy and partnered with Business Sweden to broaden their network and outreach efforts.

Targeted analysis of the U.S. manufacturing market 

Business Sweden began by conducting an industry market analysis by assessing six manufacturing subsectors and 30+ states in which Quant had seen potential for customer growth. To better understand Quant’s service offering, Business Sweden visited one of Quant’s current customer facilities in the U.S. This allowed Business Sweden to better understand the types of customers Quant wanted to work with and the value they add. Utilizing databases, industry knowledge and interviews, Business Sweden gathered comprehensive data that was used to rate the subsectors and states. Analyzing this data and the trends behind it, Business Sweden ranked each subsector and state in a scorecard in order to present the most promising and suitable subsectors and states in which Quant should focus their sales efforts.

“Business Sweden did a great job in analyzing the market and thoroughly asses and score the market potential and identify which subsectors and areas to focus on” – Mark McCue, VP of North America Sales, Quant.

Identifying the high potential customers

Based on the selection of two key subsectors and a focused geographic region (Great Lakes) Quant were provided with a long list of potential customers. To truly identify the best targets, Business Sweden then provided further support by prioritizing the list based on several quantitative and qualitative factors including revenue, employee count and strategic fit. As a last step to find the most relevant customers with the best potential for Quant, Business Sweden reached out to companies on the short list to verify a number of key criteria agreed with Quant. At the end Business Sweden provided Quant with a top list of 18 potential customers spanning the top subsectors and states of interest. 

Responsible for North America sales, Mark McCue, was very pleased by the work and results of the cooperation. “Business Sweden’s thorough and efficient work helped us identify and narrow down a list of over 25,000+ potential companies to a short list of high potential customers that tick all the boxes for a great partnership. It really helps us to both identify and focus on the truly high potential targets in the U.S.”



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Max Åvall

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