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Things are starting to move for Qualisys in Morocco

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Business Sweden had a decisive influence on Qualisys strategy and marketing in Morocco. The company is now well known in the country and its products have attracted great interest from Moroccan doctors.

Qualisys is a global leading provider of products and services based on an optical motion capture technology, headquartered in Gothenburg. Their motion-capture technology and systems used primarily by research institutes, clinics and in some industrial applications in biomechanics and media & entertainment. In addition to the sales to Europe, Qualisys exports mainly to the USA, South Korea, Japan and China. Emerging markets, such as Egypt and Turkey, are covered through partnerships with local distributors and sales agents.

Happy with the process

As a first step Business Sweden's staff in Morocco performed a market check, examining the potential in different sectors, and then evaluated the possibility to acquire distributors and partners in the region.

- We think Business Sweden solved this in a very good way. You can not underestimate the importance of cultural understanding, as well as linguistic skills, while exploring new markets. We are very satisfied with the whole process and we have by far received answers to our questions. We can highly recommend the Business Sweden office in Morocco, since they have the skills to quickly familiarize themselves with advanced problems and solve tasks, says Erik Westerström, Sales Manager at Qualisys.

Good relations to market players

Business Sweden has also assisted as sales support and represented Qualisys in technical meetings, and trade shows, as part of a BSO (Business Support Office) assignment.

- We engaged Business Sweden for relatively advanced marketing assignments, which they solved in a very good way, even during complicated circumstances. This is something we consider as extremely valuable, and it has made us looking closer into doing more projects with Business Sweden.

- Business Sweden as an added resource gives us an advantage compared to our competitors. It definitely creates a good relationship with players in the market. We are now well known in the markets where we have collaborated with Business Sweden - which we were not before we started the project, says Erik Westerström.

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Anthonia Adenaya Huard

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