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Pulp and paper technology supplier finds new potential clients in Brazil

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PulpEye is an innovative measurement technology company, offering equipment, online applications and services for the pulp and paper industry. The company had been seeking to enter Brazil for a longer period, facing challenges from competitors with strong established links to key clients. With support from Business Sweden, PulpEye was able to meet decision-makers at leading pulp producers, effectively accelerating its expansion on the Brazilian market.

Brazilian Eucalyptus has a short rotation period of 7 years and it is the main source for production of pulp in Brazil, which makes the country one of the most productive worldwide. Although already highly competitive, Brazilian pulp producers are seeking ways to further increase efficiency and quality control. Due its size and demand for new solutions, Brazil is a key market for PulpEye’s global expansion and sales strategy. The company’s unique solutions, includes a leading modular analysis system, constituted by a robust and flexible cutting edge analyzer that combines the latest technology with minimized demands of service.

Despite its offering of market-leading technology, PulpEye faced significant challenges in reaching decision-makers at key clients, due to its international competitor’s already strong links to the leading producers. In order to reach out to the largest pulp and paper companies in Brazil, PulpEye requested Business Sweden’s support. The cooperation aimed to strengthen PulpEye’s local sales efforts, by identifying and approaching decision-makers at potential clients and sharpening its commercial sales pitch for Brazil.

Local network and access to industry decision-makers

Using its experience and network in the pulp and paper sector, Business Sweden was able to provide PulpEye with contacts to decision-makers at some of the largest pulp producers in the country.

Business Sweden made a first contact with the selected decision makers, inviting them to learn about PulpEye’s solutions and schedule a meeting with its local sales partner. This collaboration resulted in a number of sales meetings and effective sales leads to PulpEye.

Sales strategy support and development of insights

The competition’s close relationship with the technical managers at the local producers represented a challenge for introducing new more innovative solutions within the company’s organizations. As a strategy, it was agreed Business Sweden should focus sales efforts on leading decision-makers at corporate and management level, potentially more receptive to the long-term efficiency and cost saving benefits of PulpEye’s solutions. To further strengthen the sales pitch, Business Sweden, in collaborations with PulpEye’s local sales partner, developed a sales presentation including key figures and arguments optimized for the Brazilian target audience.

Business Sweden interviewed PulpEye’s reference clients in countries such as Sweden and Germany and was able to create a business case highlighting PulpEye’s technology and economic advantages for large-scale pulp and paper manufacturers, such as flexibility, cost efficiency and low maintenance. This sales pitch was created to provide insights to stakeholders in management positions at the most important pulp and paper companies in Brazil, and was successfully used in the sales meeting carried out by PulpEye’s local sales partner.

For more information about PulpEye, please access http://www.pulpeye.com/

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Marcelo Juc

Consultant São Paulo Consultant, São Paulo
+55 11 2137-4423