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Nuvia Nuclear Services wins five year tender worth CAD 90 million

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Business Sweden congratulates Nuvia on winning a major tender to provide services to refurbish six of Bruce Power’s nuclear reactors in Ontario. Business Sweden has worked very closely with Nuvia for many years in Canada, by supporting them with various business incubation services.

Franz Dambo, Director, Radiological Protection Services, “Our collaboration began even before my transition to Canada from Sweden in 2007. The incubator services that Business Sweden provided was crucial to our establishment and expansion in the nuclear market in Canada. Their network and a flexible and agile way to support us during our establishment phase were particularly useful for us when we were new to Canada and could not rely on internal resources.”

Nuvia Canada is a specialist nuclear services organization helping nuclear facilities to safely plan and undertake nuclear material handling, waste management, facility decommissioning and site remediation projects. Their services include strategic and technical consultancy, development of engineered solutions, and radiation safety support with skilled Radiation Protection Surveyors.

This refurbishment contract is a milestone and a great addition to the outage support Nuvia provides.

Bruce Power (currently the largest Nuclear Power plant in the world) is one of three nuclear facilities in Ontario, providing over 30% of Ontario’s electricity. Bruce is planning to refurbish six of eight reactors between 2020 and 2033, giving additional 30-35 years of operation for each reactor lasting until 2064.

Nuvia Canada & Business Sweden

About 60% of Ontario energy comes from nuclear power, compared to the 15% national Canadian average, and provides the second cheapest source of energy, after hydroelectricity. Quebec and New Brunswick are the other two provinces also creating nuclear energy.

Canada plans to continue investing in nuclear, building two more new reactors in the future, and continue to be a leader in nuclear research and technology, exporting reactor systems and medical radioisotopes used in medical diagnosis and cancer therapy.

Business Sweden has worked very closely with Nuvia. Since the acquisition of Coor Nuclear Services in 2012; Business Sweden has been a long-term partner to Nuvia Canada and has provided amongst other things Incubation Services including renting office space, administration and accounting.

Lydia Engholm, Trade Commissioner in Canada for Business Sweden “It is particularly exciting to follow the growth from incubator to the largest player in this segment on the Canadian market. Business Sweden is very proud to be a part of this success story.”

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