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Accelerated market landing for Joliv in Spain

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Joliv was convinced they needed to start their international journey in 2016 in order to continue their high annual growth rate and to become even more competitive.

Joliv was established in 1999 in Västerås with the aim to increase the quality of care in Sweden. Since then, Joliv has developed several software solutions, which provide business support increasing the quality and efficiency within the care sector. Joliv’s main focus is Homecare, Advanced Homecare and Residential care, and the company had a turnover of 14 MSEK and 14 employees in 2016.

The winner takes it all

–We are probably the best in the world within our area of operations and expertise. At the same time, we live in a “the winner takes it all economy” where a global player can enter our home market and wipe us away tomorrow says Christian Strömblad, Owner and Business Development Director of Joliv.

The company has had an annual growth rate of 30% during the last years and has several times received awards being acknowledged as the fastest growing company in the region of Västmanland. This success has not always been the case though. When Mr. Strömblad bought Joliv in 2002 and for many years to come the interest from the market was moderate. The boom within digitalization in combination with a increasing proportion of elderly people who also wish to stay in their homes longer, made it possible for Joliv to increase their business in Sweden.

Joliv is today co-operating with all the mayor key players on the Swedish market and during spring 2017, Attendo announced that Joliv would be their strategic partner for future business not only within the homecare segment but also within the residential care segment.

–With Attendo we will be able to grow within Scandinavia but we need to look further than that. Our product is scalable and easy to implement on new markets. We have similar challenges in the entire Western world with a growing elderly population and a need for good digital solutions to help companies become more efficient, increase control of their business and save both financial and human resources, says Mr. Strömblad.

First steps on the international journey

Joliv has since year 2016 been in contact and co-operated with Business Sweden representatives both locally in their home town of Västerås as well as Spain, being offered support with their internationalization plans. Joliv attended the “Steps to export”-programme in Västerås led by Business Swedens Regional Export Advisors having the opportunity to discuss their specific business case and exchange knowledge and experiences with other companies launching their offers abroad. Simultaneously has Joliv also, together with Business Sweden’s office in Madrid, been working on a project researching the Spanish market and Joliv´s potential there. The first phase of the project focused on the Spanish residential sector and the second phase of the project with the focus on the homecare segment.

–Complementing the market research data, we also met with a vast number of both large and small potential customers from the sector and received good insights. In the beginning of the project, I was surprised and impressed by how far the Spanish sector had developed within this segment. During the course of the project, we were able to jointly with Business Sweden, find our specific niche and suitable market entry strategy, says Mr. Strömblad

Real results

–We initiated the project of internationalization in Spain as we felt ready and got a good and professional impression from the Business Sweden team in Madrid. They have vast knowledge and insights from the healthcare sector and a good network, which has been very useful to us. They also understand our need and solutions and work in a proactive and result oriented way to create real impact for us as a company. I am really impressed says Mr. Strömblad.

As a direct result of the collaboration with Business Sweden Joliv now has an ongoing dialogue for partnerships in not only Spain, but also extended into Latin America. Also, some of the most important players on the Spanish market have shown interest for Joliv’s solution and pilot projects have been identified.

–Without Business Sweden’s help, this journey would have taken much longer time for us, Mr. Strömblad concludes.