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Swedish cloud service at the development of smart cities in Portugal

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Infracontrol’s cloud service for controlling and monitoring, infracontrol online, has aroused great interest on the Portuguese market. Thanks to Business Sweden, they have been able to enter Portugal faster than expected.

Infracontrol offer user-friendly IT solutions that help the state and municipals so that they can have full control over the basic functions of society. The company has specialized in management, monitoring and information management. They create a more intelligent infrastructure that makes life easier for companies, governmental institutions and citizens. The cloud service Infracontrol Online has been in operation since 2003 and is currently used by for example the Swedish Transport Administration, Swedavia and over 40 Swedish municipalities. They also have customers in Norway and Portugal.

Portugal Infracontrol’s test market

An observation have been made in Portugal during the last years, there has been a demand for streamlining and quality assuring the workflow, nevertheless, there has been a demand for improved control over the technical installations so that operations are secured and energy consumption is optimized. At the same time there are small opportunities for Portuguese organizations to invest in systems, equipment and development projects. With this as a background Business Sweden found incentives for Infracontrol to use Portugal as a test market for their internationalization.

Together with Business Sweden Infracontrol has created an extensive network of good relationships with key individuals, and decision makers in both public and private sectors. Today Infracontrol has a Portuguese subsidiary that has agreements with three Portuguese municipals. They also have a dialogue with twenty other municipals that eventually will connect to Infracontrol Online. 

Market knowledge and contacts

- We have together with Business Sweden come to the realization that public procurers in Portugal are very similar to those in Scandinavia, which has given the opportunity to enter the country faster than expected, says Missael Lundqvist, International Manager Director at Infracontrol.

In the continuous cooperation between Infracontrol and Business Sweden, Business Sweden’s assignment is to provide Infracontrol with market knowledge. They shall also act as a middle hand to the mayor and other relevant decision makers within Infracontrol’s target group in the Portuguese market.

The collaboration with Business Sweden in Portugal is fundamental to our image and it has been crucial that we already from the beginning entered at the correct level in our sales dialogues, says Johan Höglund, CEO of Infracontrol.