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Swedish pet food company developed in America

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Husse, a world leader in premium pet food looked to the U.S market to find a contract production partner, potential investors and master franchisees. With the help of Business Sweden’s network and research, Husse successfully met with these stakeholders and now hold longstanding collaborations with them.

Trademark INT PTT AB, known by its brand name, Husse, runs a franchise concept for home delivery of high quality dog and cat food. The company group is primarily present in Europe but also in Asia and parts of Africa, so that overall Husse operates in more than 50 countries with over 50 master franchisees and 1,000 unit-franchisees and distributors. 

In 2012, Husse engaged Business Sweden USA in carrying out a search for a U.S. contract production partner. Then, in late 2013, Husse asked Business Sweden USA to out yet another search, this time for a U.S. potential investor (Master Licensee). This resulted in the company meeting with nine potential leads in person or over the phone. 

In 2014, Husse turned its attention to identifying and bringing on board more master franchisees in the U.S. who could build the company’s sales and distribution in individual states throughout the country. Husse had a desire to focus the project on the meeting program rather than on the market check to be able to get as many qualified meetings as possible. Along with a partner search, Business Sweden completed an extensive market research on the premium pet food market, looked into the different marketing channels that would be relevant to Husse, and also organised meeting programs to meet with potential stakeholders.  

“One of the big reasons for Husse’s success in the U.S. is how their unique concept resonated well with U.S. pet owners. The company’s ability to quickly adapt to market preferences was another key factor,” says Asli Sungur, Project Manager at Business Sweden. 


“The good thing with using Business Sweden’s services is that when you enter a new market, going through Business Sweden makes people keen to meet you. When you enter a new market, not many people are aware of your brand and your products. Business Sweden has a strong brand name that creates people association,” says Tim Eliasson, Sales Manager at Husse. 

Tim elaborated that the investors were well screened by Business Sweden and the business opportunity presented to them was considered seriously.

Husse appreciated Business Sweden’s market knowledge and know-how of the industry. “Business Sweden always does a thorough research of the market. We were well prepped for the visit program to meet with the investors. Business Sweden also helped us prepare a complete and good pitch for the investors,” says Tim.

All three Business Opportunity Projects conducted for Husse were a success, as Husse managed to find good collaborations with different stakeholders. They have expanded their presence from just two states in the U.S to seven states as of June 2016. Husse has also used Business Sweden’s support in other offices across the globe. 

“We at Husse would like to extend a big thank you to the whole team at Business Sweden for their excellent work!” says Tim.