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World leading flood fighting system by Geodesign saves thousand of houses and cities from flooding

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Geodesign are specialists in temporary flood protection and provide flood barriers with dam height between 0.45m to 2.4m. The barrier rises faster than the water and can be deployed manually by hand without any tools, it clicks in. The barrier can be placed around a single building, around a block of house or in front of a whole city. After the flood, the barrier is disassembled and stored, to be used for the next flood.

The barrier has been a great success. For more than 20 years the Geodesign Barriers have been designed for flood rescue operations under the most difficult conditions imaginable and also to be used for advanced coffer damming in civil engineering work and has proven to be a great success for people in hydrogeological exposed areas all over the world.

Participating at a Business Sweden delegation was a way of learning about the market and establishing valuable new contacts

In order to obtain a better understanding of disaster prone areas in South East Asian countries, Geodesign Barriers participated in delegations to Philippines and Vietnam in 2014, and to Indonesia in 2015 organised by Business Sweden.

“Overall, the delegations made us aware of the specific problems that are facing Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia with regards to floodings”, says Sten Magnus Kullberg, Managing Director, Geodesign Barriers. “We know there is demand in Asia as flooding is a problem. However, it is a long term process as it takes time to convince the decision makers. A flood incidence does not occur every year”, adds Sten Magnus Kullberg.

Local presence holds the key to long term success

“We need to be in this region more frequently to get the business. We are planning to have a representation in South East Asia on half time basis moving forward”, says Sten Magnus Kullberg.

“Geodesign Barriers have been in discussion with manufacturers in South East Asia to understand the feasibility to manufacture the barriers locally as we believe local manufacturing is key to long term success. The selected country will be a hub for us to expand in Asia”, says Sten Magnus Kullberg.